Who Else Proposed to Natalie on ‘Love Is Blind’? Shayne Wasn’t Her Only Prospect.

Who Else Proposed to Natalie

People who watched the second season of the Netflix series The Love is Blind the second season of Love Is Blind watched as participants began to fall in love and were engaged without ever looking at each other. Natalie and Shayne are the couples who took part in the social experiment; however, even though Natalie agreed to Shayne’s proposal, she was not the only one to be able to kneel within the pods.

So who else proposed to Natalie? Continue reading to find out the details that the show’s creator has revealed.

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Who else would have proposed to Natalie on the show ‘Love Is Blind? 

Love is blind creator Chris Coelen spoke out about a shocking proposal aired in the pods before Shayne ever even proposed to Natalie.

“There was a third person who, very at the beginning, was very attracted to Natalie and even proposed for her to marry him,” Chris told MetroUK after the final episode of the season. “It was completely random, but he felt like he knew, and she thought, “This is so weird. ‘”

However, Chris didn’t drop the person’s name who proposed to her. He did reveal how the contestant “developed profound emotions” for Natalie However, she didn’t feel like she did.

“She did not say no, and he walked away, and that was it,” he told the publication. “It was like”Why is this person engaging in this?’ as opposed to “Oh, my God, I am in love with him. ‘”

Then why was Natalie’s previous proposal presented during the show Love is Blind? It was due to the time constraint, Chris explained.

He said: “You only have so many hours of bandwidth in the show, and I believe that this is an interesting story however, because we’re focusing on the story of the actress … I believe she found it less important.”

Are they is Shayne and Natalie still together? Who Else Proposed to Natalie?

In the Season 2 final episode on the Netflix relationship show, Natalie could not commit “I do,” and ended up abandoning Shayne in the aisle. A fight they were in on the day of their wedding forced her to reconsider their relationship completely. After viewers had a better understanding of the events that transpired in the fight was difficult to believe she was at fault.

The dispute erupted when Shayne was too drunk to drink before their wedding day. It appears that Shayne admitted that he didn’t like Natalie and said she was the awful thing that could ever occur to him. (Which … Yikes.)

Shayne followed Natalie from the reception venue and apologized for the things he said. Then she began to wonder aloud, what if he’d secretly felt like that about her all along.

“So you’re saying that you truly believed that you hated me and that I was the worst thing that happened to you in that moment? Was that what you’re saying?” she asked him.

Shayne stated that he could not continue to apologize for blaming others for a while since he’s already done it “100 times.”

After it was all completed, Natalie pointed out that this wasn’t the end of their relationship and could continue working on issues. However, Shayne was not certain. Are they still in love even today?

However, it appears it appears that Shayne, as well as Natalie, have separated permanently, based on the trailers released from the episode of reunion. They do have a candid conversation and appear to be gaining some closure. (See the way you feel about the video below.)

It’ll be interesting to know what happens if Shayne and Natalie have a breakup and what happens if Shayne’s name is revealed as the guy who suggested to Natalie will be revealed.

You can catch on to the Love Is Blind reunion special that will be available on Netflix in March.

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