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Who is Augustus Landis in When Calls the Heart? Who Plays Him?

Developed by Michael Landon Jr., “When Calls the Heart” is a drama-based TV show that is based on Janette Oke’s novel. The story follows the life through the life of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher who has to leave her comfortable life behind to relocate to the town that was once a coal miner located in Coal Valley.

The town is where she not only is an integral part of the locals of the town but also discovers romantic relationships and love. As time passes, new characters are introduced to the town, like the school’s investigator Augustus Landis, who unexpectedly confronts Elizabeth. Let’s learn more about him, let’s get to know him, shall we? We’ll give you spoilers in the coming days.

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Who exactly is Augustus Landis?

Augustus Landis is a school inspector. He first appears in episode 5 from season 8 called “What the Heart Wants. Although he is present in an unofficial capacity to witness a Graduation Day ceremony of Elizabeth’s students, he admits that he’s in the area to merge Hope Valley’s (formerly known as Coal Valley) school into the district schools in the region.

Elizabeth is quick to reject him because she is unable to allow him to leave the school she manages on her own. But Ms. Landis returns soon, announcing that the board of county education has been eager to acquire the school since enrollment is expected to grow dramatically when the foundry workers are accompanied by their family members.

Furthermore, When Elizabeth asks for help from Bill and advice, Bill. Landis informs her that she’s not qualified to tutor students with visual impairments, such as Angela. If she decides to continue with her plan, the school could be closed permanently. Elizabeth is in a bind since she tried to convince Minnie, with difficult circumstances, to let their daughter Angela in school.

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Despite her requests, the principal Mr. Landis refuses to allow her to take Angela into the class unless she receives the necessary accreditation. Elizabeth is determined to stick in her course of action as she tries to figure out the best way to solve her problem.

As she gets ready for her first day of school, she is initially worried that parents from other families aren’t going to send their children to class because they have one of her classmates who is disabled. However, her students prove that she is wrong when they choose to walk along with Angela along with her older twin brother Cooper in the morning to go to school. Not just their adoring teacher but also the principal. Landis is impressed at this show of solidarity. Even though he is back again to check the school, the tension from county officials is increasing.

In episode 4 of season 9, entitled ‘Straight to the Heart,’ Elizabeth is informed by Mr. Landis that she has been granted the qualifications to teach students with visual impairments beyond the district’s boundaries. However, to her dismay, the teacher informs her that the board cannot accept her credentials since they do not conform to the district’s guidelines.

Mr. Landis and Elizabeth end with a heated discussion regarding the school’s management, and he walks out after warning her about the consequences. It is too early to tell what other challenges he could bring to Elizabeth as well as her students and whether she will have to leave the school.

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Who is the actor who plays Augustus Landis?

Schauspieler Todd Thomson portrays Augustus Landis in the film ‘When Calls the Heart. He was born in London, Ontario, in 1968; Todd began his acting career in 2000 as a stage actress at the theatre in Victoria, British Columbia. He has been an actor in the TV, film, and theatre industries for over fifteen years and not counting.

The actor is well-known for his role as Harris Grohl in the TV series ‘ Debris’ as well as Reverend Wise in the TV series ‘V.C. Andrews’ Heaven.’ Todd has also appeared on many other shows on TV, including ‘ Supernatural,” Siren and ‘ Project Blue Book and ‘UnREAL..’

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