Kwan Ha from Halo

Who is Kwan Ha from Halo? Is She based On Existing Video Game Character?

“Halo” is a science-fiction television show based on a popular gaming franchise with an identical name. It was created for TV by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. In the year 26th century, the story takes place when humans are confronted by an alien race known as the Covenant. When the war between humanity and the Covenant ignites, an alteration in the life of a girl named Kwan Ha is forever changed.

When Kwan plays the lead role in the show’s overall storyline, the viewers will be eager to learn more about her character and their video gaming counterpart. If you’re wondering if Kwan is based on characters from the video games, Here’s everything you should be aware of! Warning!

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Who is Kwan Ha?

Kwan Ha from Halo

Kwan Ha appears as one of the major characters in Halo’s television show and is introduced in the series premiere episode, entitled “Contact. Kwan Ha is from The Outer World planet Madrigal, a human colony fighting for its independence against the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). Kwan is a determined teenage girl who dreams of leaving her family world to travel the world. But, she is struck by tragic events in the form of her aliens belonging to the Covenant attacking her home base. Kwan’s father, General Ha, died in the process of protecting his daughter.

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After the conclusion of the first episode, Kwan saves himself from the end by the Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, the head of the Spartan Silver Team. Together, the two escaped from the UNSC. Actress Yerin Ha plays the role of Kwan Ha, a character from the show. The actress from Australia is famous for her portrayal of Ah Rah in the crime series “Troppo” and Technique Jane on the show drama The Reef Break.’

Is Kwan Ha based on the Video Game Character?

“Halo” has many characters who are fans of this original game series will immediately recognize it. From the protagonist Master Chief and Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey and Miranda Keyes, most central characters of the adaptation have their origins within the games. But in the case of Kwan Ha is involved, the character is an original creation for the TV show and doesn’t have an online game equivalent.

However, Kwan’s planet of birth, Madrigal, is indeed an element in the game, connecting Kwan to the franchise’s existing mythology. In an interview, actress Yerin Ha, who plays the character in Kwan Ha’s role on the show, expressed her satisfaction over the fact that a character from the game doesn’t inspire her character. She said that this gave her to be creative in the way she shaped her performance, Kwan, without the pressure of viewers’ expectations. She described playing Kwan as an enjoyable and creative experience.

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In the end, Kwan is a fictional character created to advance the storyline of the series. By focusing on a person like Kwan, this series can set itself apart from the other games that usually revolve around the military people who are part of the UNSC. In addition, placing Kwan’s story with a tragedy story brings a sense of humanity to the alien-based science fiction aspects of the show.

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