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Who Is Reth in Halo? Is He Based on a Video Game Character?

Based on the well-known video game series with the identical name, “Halo is the story of the Master Chief Petty officer John-117. He is placed in the middle of humanity’s struggle with the alien organization called the Covenant. In the premiere of the series, John finds an ancient artifact from another world with some connection to John.

In search of answers to the artifact, John quits his job with his position with the UNSC and travels towards the settlement of Rubble. In Rubble, John meets a mysterious man named Reth, who seems to have answers to John’s inquiries about the artifact. If you’d like to know more about Reth and his advice to John and whether Reth has an online equivalent, here’s everything we’ve learned about the subject! SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Who Is Reth in Halo?

Reth appears in the first episode of the series ‘Halo’ called “Unbound. The actor Johann Myers essays the role of Reth in the show. Myers is well-known for his roles in popular shows like ‘Snatch’ and ‘Tribes of Europa’ Tribes of Europa, and Small Axe. Many viewers will recognize Myers from his role in the role of Padan, The Fain character in the fantasy series the Wheel of Time.’

In the movie “Halo,” Reth is a friend of Soren and is a resident of Rubble, a settlement in space that isn’t under the control of the UNSC. In the second episode, John arrives on Rubble with Kwan Ha Boo to ensure the teen’s security. John is also hoping to get some answers regarding the mysterious artifact he’s found. So, Soren decides to introduce John to Reth.

As per Soren, Reth spent time on a Covenant ship and is aware of their faith. In his conversation with Reth, John learns that he’s sensitive to this artifact in ways others aren’t. Additionally, Reth reveals that the artifact can destroy any living thing in the universe. The Covenant is desperate to find it.

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Is Reth Based on a Video Game Character?

While ‘Halo’ takes its inspiration from video games identical to the name of this game, Reth’s character Reth isn’t an actual character from the game. Yet, Reth does exist within the fictional universe of ‘Halo’ and is featured in the novel tie-in entitled “Halo: The Cole Protocol’ written by Tobias Buckell. In the novel, Reth is among a group of rebels that settle upon the Rubble.

Reth is part of the Kig-Yar tribe of aliens that serve the Covenant. He aids the Covenant to create an entire army Unggoy to fight humanity. In the comics, Reth differs from the television version in the book. Reth is described as an avian/reptilian-looking creature with combat abilities in the books. In the comics, Reth has a more human appearance with certain imperfections.

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However, Reth shares some similarities with his counterpart in the book in the form of connections to Covenant and his home in Rubble. However, in the book Reth, Reth in the book, is not particularly loyal to the group of aliens. It is also evident that Reth shares the Covenant’s secrets with John.

Because the show is set on a distinct timeframe from the canon established in books and games, The obvious variations between Reth and the other versions of Reth are logical. The actor Johann Myers who plays Reth, appears as a regular cast actor, and viewers can anticipate learning more about the character’s involvement in future episodes.

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