William and Katherine Chiapella Murder: Where is Steven Crittenden?

William and Katherine Chiapella Murder: Where is Steven Crittenden?

While William Chiapella and Katherine Chiapella were beaten and killed by a knife on January 13, 1987, Their bodies were found just four days later in the home of their child, Joseph Chiapella.

The shocking murder shocked the local population, who struggled to figure out the motive behind why someone would attack a peaceful couple.

Investigation Discovery’ ‘Evil Lives Here: Keeping My Brother’s Secret The film follows viewers through the murder and explains how an encashed check helped authorities track down the culprit. If you’re interested in knowing the whereabouts of William or Katherine’s killer are at the moment, we’ve got your back.

How Did William and Katherine Chiapella Die?

The residents of Chico, California, William and Katherine Chiapella, had a good standing in the society. William was known as a prominent local doctor, and their friends said they were friendly and generous people.

While they had a good income, they did not show off their wealth, preferring to aid those in need. But it was fate’s way that will have it. The couple ended up being killed and targeted because of their wealth.

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The Chiapellas returned to their home on January 13, 1987, they found themselves accosted by an intruder who had entered their home. The attacker proceeded to assault the couple before forcing Katherine to make him a check of $3000.

The duo was also robbed of several valuable items before killing the duo of William and Katherine until they died. After no communication from the couple for several days, Their son’s doctor.

Joseph Chiapella got worried and decided to check the status of his parents the morning of January 17. But, upon entering the home, he was confronted by the horrific image of his father’s disfigured body lying on the floor.

Then, Joseph mentioned that he phoned the police and had been in the process of investigating the murder of his father when he stumbled upon his mother’s corpse. After the police arrived at the crime scene, they found that both victims died because of numerous stabbing wounds.

In addition to indications of forced entry, officers also inspected the items taken and found the checkbook of Katherine did not contain four pages. With the deaths being ruled a murder, the police launched a thorough investigation regarding the incident.

Who Killed William and Katherine Chiapella?

While investigating the crime, the authorities spoke to William and Katherine’s acquaintances. They found that Katherine and William were friendlier and did not have any enemies.

Furthermore, due to the crime scene not offering any leads to examine, The investigation was slow at first. But, during the interrogations, police discovered that a couple of months before the murder, the Chiapellas were employing Chico State student Steven Crittenden to help with yard work.

While Steven worked daily, he only worked for a week but failed to show up. In search of a clue or clue, police decided to call him to investigate the murders. The police arrived at his door; Steven was nowhere to be seen.

In addition, the police were able to track down the checks that were missing from Katherine’s account and discovered that one was issued to Steven Crittenden. It was cash-cashed at the local Bank of America Branch on January 14, following the murder.

In conjunction with Steven’s unproved absence, the document made police believe that he was participating in the murder. Therefore, after Steven came back to Chico on January 21, Steven was detained and was charged with two murder counts and one count of armed theft.

Where is Steven Crittenden Right Now?

After being taken into custody, Steven Crittenden insisted on his innocence and was kept behind bars in the Butte County Jail as he was awaiting his trial.

But, in May 1987, Steven broke out of the Butte prison, abducted Doug Kronen, an Oroville resident, and forced him to take a trip to Sacramento.

Luckily, the suspect was caught before further developments and returned to prison. While behind bars, Steven married his girlfriend, Diane Fishbaugh, in October 1987.

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In August 1988, Steven’s trial was transferred in Placer County, and reports indicate that he tried to escape from prison once more on September 26 in the same year. But his escape plan failed, and Steven’s trial started in March of 1989.

In the trial, Steven was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder. He was also found guilty of escaping prison and kidnapping. So, in 1989 Steven was sentenced to death and taken to San Quentin State Prison.

In the following years, Steven tried to appeal his conviction. He was a success in 2013 after U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller was able to overturn his murder conviction. Even though Steven was scheduled to go through another trial, he pleaded guilty to the murders in April 2021.

In addition, he confessed to first-degree robbery and the use of a deadly weapon in addition to kidnapping and escape charges. Based on his plea bargain, Steven was sentenced to 63-years to life in 2021.

As of now, Steven remains incarcerated at the Folsom State Prison. He is expected to be eligible for parole by 2035.

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