Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Jammu BGMI Tournament 2021

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Excited to announce that is organizing a BGMI Tournament with the lowest entry fee and a higher winning price.

You’ll find the complete details of the tournament below.

Tournament Type:Solo
Timing:09:00 PM
Room ID and Password:ID: Check back at 08:45 PM

Pass: Check back at 08:45 PM
Winner Prize3000 Popularity
Entry FeeNil

How To Join the Room?

A link will be provided on our telegram group before 20 minutes of the match start. It will be redirected to the same page but with room ID and Password details mentioned.

If you are new at BGMI, follow these steps carefully to join the room.

  • Run the game
  • Click on the “Match mode” option in lobby(From where you choose maps).
  • There you’ll find “Room” option. Click it.
  • Now, click on the “search bar”, type the given room ID and hit enter.
  • Enter the password and you’ll get in the room.

Requirements and Conditions to Participate in the Tournament 

  1. Stable Internet Connection 
  2. BGMI Supported Device
  3. Make sure to use an updated BGMI app
  4. The room will get active 20 minutes before the start. So players are advised to join the room before 10:00 PM.

T&Cs for Tournament

  1. Only Legit players are allowed to enter the match. So, make sure to not enter if you’ve installed any “Hack” or “mod version”.
  2. At the time of paying the entry fee, you have to send your ID to a given Whatsapp number. If we find any scam in a particular ID, that person will be kicked out of the room.
  3. Players should not do team-ups. If we find any person, they will get disqualified.
  4. You will be at your own fault if you fail to enter the room on time.
  5. Room ID and password will be shared before 5 minutes of the match start time.
  6. There are no killing or other in-game overall points. Only Top 3 players would be entertained.

Technical Problems

  • All players are responsible for the problems on their phones and PCs.
  • The lobby will not be restarted because of a problem with the player’s phones or PCs.
  • If you failed to join the match, we are not responsible.
  • If the problem has affected multiple players, it’s in the PUBG Tournament official’s initiative to restart the lobby or not.

Complaint System

Players may send their complaints to [email protected]  within 48 hours of the match.

Complaints sent after 48 hours will not be taken into account.

In-Game Rules

  • All matches will be played on the most recent BGMI Version, with the standard rules on Custom Game.
  • Matches will be played in Erangel or Livik. So make sure to download maps if you haven’t downloaded them yet.
  • All players must take the end of the game screenshots.

Behavior Rules 

  • Players cannot engage with other players in a verbal manner (curse words, racism, sexism).
  • Players must speak with game masters and referees with respect.
  • Sharing illegal programs and all third-party programs is forbidden.
  • Flooding and spamming both in writing and verbally is forbidden.
  • Players cannot share accounts.

Last But Not Least, For any updates, you can join our telegram group. Click here to join the group.

If the link doesn’t work, search for “cluttertimes” on telegram and join the group.

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