Xbox Cloud Gaming Works on Steam Deck through Web - New Update

Xbox Cloud Gaming Works on Steam Deck through Web – New Update

Your Steam Deck can now double to become the Xbox Cloud Gaming handheld, as long as you’re willing to make some effort. Microsoft has added Xbox Cloud Gaming support to the Steam Deck through a beta version of the Edge browser. It’s necessary to run a few commands on top of the installation process to install Edge (Microsoft suggests using a keyboard and mouse for the installation). However, after that, you’ll be able to enjoy Halo Infinite and other titles wherever you’ve got a high-speed internet connection.

The Community Manager, Missy Quarry, said that this is “just an initial phase” gameplay on Edge, which suggests that the experience could get better. Microsoft’s team is ready to hear suggestions regarding Edge and its Xbox Cloud Gaming experience.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort into Steam Deck Support recently. Alongside streaming games, the company announced first-party game support for the Steam Deck handheld and stated that games such as Deathloop and Psychonauts 2 are verified to work correctly. In addition, Valve enabled basic Windows support for the handheld by providing drivers.

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It’s not a surprise that Microsoft would be a fan of its Steam Deck despite its use of the Linux platform. Microsoft isn’t just making profits through its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you’ll require to play; however, it also allows you to play Edge and other games that you could have otherwise stayed away from. Whatever the company may lose in the immediate Windows sales, it might gain with long-term customers.

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