YouTube will soon roll out the picture-in-picture mode for all iOS users.

YouTube has fulfilled promises to offer picture-in-picture streaming for iOS viewers. TechCrunch says that YouTube promises PiP viewing to iPhone and iPad customers in the US and Canada, beginning with users using the Premium.

You’ll have to choose the trial via the experiment website on your personal computer however, you’ll be set when you do that. You can watch videos on a floating screen while you surf your social networks , or do your work.

Premium testing will end this October 31. It is possible that you will have to install the YouTube application if this feature isn’t immediately available.

The company hasn’t yet announced the date it’s planning to allow PiP to non-Premium subscribers. This is still a significant step towards the future, but be aware. YouTube’s web-only functionality was a bit limited at best. it should help increase the number of users and bring YouTube’s application in line with other video platforms.

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