Zillow Sees Slowing Demand for Ads in Housing Downturn

Zillow Group acquired ShowingTime for $500 million. This is more than the $125million estimates.

Record 201 million people visited the company’s websites and apps in the fourth quarter. This is a record 16% increase in traffic year-on year. This was 19% more than the expected.

Zillow also had $3.9 billion in cash and investments. Zillow Q4 Zillow Clark on bloomberg.

Rich Barton is the CEO of Zillow. He stated that Zillow is constantly growing and investing in new technologies and services to improve customer experiences.

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Zillow’s acquisition of ShowingTime means that ShowingTime will still operate on an open platform model thanks to Zillow Group’s Chief Industrial Development Officer Errol Samuelson. Errol Samuelson describes the amazing capabilities of ShowingTime. Integrations with brokers, agents, and other stakeholders make it possible to simplify complex tasks using ShowingTime.

He stated that buyers’ agents find scheduling showings easier with agents. Samuelson stated that ShowingTime’s acquisition will increase its engagement via multiple channels making it easier for customers to tour properties.

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