Zombie Army 4 Crossplay Update 2022 – Latest News

Cross-platform play mode Zombie Army 4 would allow players on all platforms — PS4, Xbox One and PC — to band together to kill the undead. However, such a feature must be supported by the game first. Let’s see if Zombie Army 4 supports cross-play across PC, Stadia and Xbox One.

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Is there cross play in Zombie Army 4?

Cross play is technically supported by Zombie Army 4. It is however minimal. Rebellion, a developer from Zombie Army 4, says that Zombie Army 4 users on Epic Games Store can play with Steam players. This means that PC players can play together regardless of their launcher.

The Stadia version doesn’t appear to allow cross play, but this probably won’t be an issue for most players, since Epic or Steam are the most popular platforms.

This leaves all console gamers out. Only people on the same platform can play on PS4, Xbox One and Stadia. According to a tweet by the Zombie Army Twitter account it is likely to stay that way. In the above tweet, it was stated that the developer did not have plans to crossplay.

The game is more than a year old so it is unlikely that co-op shooting will be included in the next update. This is especially considering that its last piece of DLC was released in 2021.

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Although Rebellion released PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades in conjunction with the game’s release on PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass, it does not necessarily mean that cross play will be coming. Although anything could happen, such a feature suggests that a native port is unlikely to be available. Rebellion will likely look to commit fully to its next game, whatever it may be.

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