10 Best Cross Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games

So you are looking for some great cross-platform multiplayer games that you can play on your mobile phone. Not an issue at all, there are certainly so many of them available all you need is to have a good eye to filter out the best ones, something that we have already done for your convenience. 

What is a cross-platform multiplayer game by the way? You most probably can get the idea by the words “Cross-Platform”. These are the games that you can operate and run on more than just a single platform.  

Let us take that you want to play a game with your friends, all of you might not be having the same device or console, right? One might be playing on a PS4, the other on an Xbox One, while you might have to play it on your mobile phone. In that case, you would be delighted to know that there are games that are supported on all these platforms. Isn’t that good enough?

However, it is necessary that you look for some outstanding cross-platform multiplayer mobile games so that you can enjoy playing them with your friends. Luckily, we have found some of them for you, you can take a look. 

10 Best Cross Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games

Now is the time that we do not delay any longer and get you acquainted with some of the Top 10 Cross Platform multiplayer games for mobile phones. Here is the list with the necessary details about each game. 

1. Vainglory

Vainglory is one of the Cross platform mobile multiplayer games which is based on a battle arena. You can play either deep and strategic battles along with your friends that last for 25 minutes, or just simply the five-minute brawl mode.

The game is supported on mobile platforms, PC, as well as Mac. The graphics of the game are beyond ordinary. 

2.  Minecraft – Pocket Edition

In the pocket edition of Minecraft, you will be able to experience all the visuals that are available on its desktop version. So, you can now play Minecraft on the go seamlessly with the same effects and features. 

The game consists of a creative mode and a survival mode. You can survive throughout and get to obtain the numerous resources from the creative mode. 

3. Iesabel

With wonderful scenery designed using 3D visuals, you are going to love this cross-platform multiplayer game. There are unique locations, you will find villages, caves, swamps, crypts, and whatnot. 

The game lets up to eight players play all together at a time. You can run this game on your Android devices, iOS devices, as well as on your PC. 

4. Faif

The game is based on puzzles. It is an RPG game. There is a uniquely developed battle system in the game. You have to defeat your opponents before they get rid of you. You are going to love this game. 

In this game, you can either choose to play with random players and compete with them, or you can simply play with your friends through a four-digit code. The game is supported on Android, and iOS devices, you can also play it directly on the web. 

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Let us talk about the legend of the original battle royale. Who doesn’t know about this game! The game is quite popular and is free to play for anyone. We guess you would already have tried this before, and if not, you should not wait any longer then. 

6. Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

This is a fast-paced card game completely based on strategy. You are going to have fun playing this game with your friends. The best part about the game is that you can pick up and continue from where you had left last time even on a different device. 

The game can be played on any smartphone as well as on a desktop. Also, the game is quite easy to learn. 

7. Ruzzle

Ruzzle is yet another fast-paced multiplayer game that you will soon get addicted to if you start playing it. This is basically a word searching game. You have to search for as many words as you can before the timer goes off. 

The game is multiplayer, so you can compete with your friends. The game is supported across all android as well as iOS phones. 

8. Arena Of Valor

This is a cross-platform game full of fun quests. With a wide variety of heroes like Batman and cool quests, you will not be able to resist the game. This is a 5V5 epic multiplayer online battle arena game. 

9. Sea Battle 

Even though Sea Battle is not much of a complex game, you will still have fun while playing this. Get yourself a capable opponent and see how interesting the battle gets. With the availability of AI and multiple PVP modes that the game has, you can enjoy playing it to its fullest. 

10. Tower Duel

Either play alongside or against your friends in the Tower Duel game. There are multiplayer battles of Tower defense that last for five minutes. You have to both attack as well as defend in the game in real time. The game is all about the tower defense strategy. 

Wrap Up

These were all the 10 best cross platform mobile games that you can try without hesitating. Share this with your friends and decide which game your squad is going to play. 

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