4 Sneaky Tips and Tricks To Get Free Access to Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription in the Philippines!!

4 Sneaky Tips and Tricks To Get Free Access to Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription in the Philippines!!

We have some fantastic news for the Philippines — getting a premium Hotstar subscription for free is possible!

Disney+ Hotstar is a fantastic platform with much to offer, including many movies, web series, and premium television channels. 

More importantly, it might be the only place to watch the IPL live. Moreover, Disney+ Hotstar lets users view live news from numerous TV networks. 

So, how to access all this and much more when you stream Hotstar in Philippines for free?

Following are four sneaky ways – tips and tricks – to obtain free Hotstar in the Philippines:

Trick 1: Use Flipkart Super Coins to get Free Disney Plus Hotstar in the Philippines

Did you know you receive a super coin when purchasing a product on Flipkart? Once you have gathered enough super coins, you can redeem them for an exciting offer. 

Their primary promotions include additional discounts on various goods, including 40% off Myntra, 10% off handbags, 10% off sunglasses, etc. 

Other than that, Flipkart also has a few exciting promotions in store. This implies that if you have enough coins, in addition to some additional discount coupons, you can also receive a free membership to Disney+Hotstar premium, use these steps to take advantage of your free offers:

  1. Open the Flipkart app and select the Super Coin category
  2. Go to the app’s Newest video entertainment rewards section
  3. At this point, all you need to do is explore the screen and locate the Disney Plus Hotstar offer
  4. Click the Details option to find out more about the offer
  5. Carefully read the information and press the “Get Offer” button

To take advantage of the free Disney Plus Hotstar offer in the Philippines, you must have at least 499 super coins. 

If you don’t have enough coins, you can still use your super coin as a voucher to save money on the premium subscription. 

Flipkart will deduct your super coin as a discount and charge you the additional sum to get a one-year Disney Plus Hotstar mobile version subscription.

Trick 2: Use Airtel to receive Free Disney Plus Hotstar in the Philippines

A free Disney Plus Hotstar subscription is available with several Airtel plans. To select a package with a free year of Disney + Hotstar Premium in the Philippines, simply open the My Airtel app. 

The following plans are included with a complimentary Disney Plus Hotstar membership.

Recharge Plan Name for AirtelValidity in daysData/dayPrice

Trick 3: Get Free Disney + Hotstar Premium via Jio in the Philippines

Don’t have an Airtel phone number? Do not be concerned. A simple Jio recharge plan allows Jio subscribers to receive Disney Plus Hotstar for free as well in the Philippines

We have compiled a list of all the Jio plans that include a complimentary Disney and Hotstar membership

Recharge Package Name for JioValidity in daysDate/DayPrice
Cricket Plan282GB329.43
Cricket Plan283GB396.76
Cricket Plan562GB527.48
Cricket Plan561.5GB435.05
Cricket Plan842GB703.74
Cricket Plan3653GB2111.89

Trick 4: Get a Free Membership Through Times Prime and Disney + Hotstar in the Philippines

Once you have a Times Prime subscription, we doubt you will consider any other subscription options. For just ₱ 725.53 in the Philippines, a complete blockbuster bundle gives numerous memberships to premium services. 

The same subscription, however, can be availed for as little as ₱ 593.49 if you pay using the My Airtel app. Use this approach right away. Be quick.


You can therefore access the Disney plus Hotstar app for free using these four methods in the article above. Hotstar is another place where you can watch sports like the ongoing cricket matches from the Asia Cup and the upcoming T20 World Cup. 

But we urge you to turn to Hotstar’s Indian library instead of the material featured in libraries from other countries. This is because the content of this specific library is much more, and the subscription plans are also cost-effective. 

It goes without saying that you would need to subscribe to a good VPN service to access Indian content because Hotstar is geo-restricted in the Philippines. 

And with a fast, secure, and reliable VPN service, you will appear to be operating from within India, and all your activities will remain anonymous.

So enjoy free access to all the upcoming sports, feature films, television shows, and dramas on Hotstar in the Philippines.

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