5 of the Sports Industry’s Most Prominent Cannabis Advocates

Many agencies and leagues dispute cannabis use in professional sports and abide by strict anti-doping rules. However, some athletes who smoke weed have found that it potentially helps them perform better.

As a result of this discovery, numerous well-known players have entered the market and created premium cannabis products. These include fast version seeds with excellent yields and a rapid growth rate.

Stick around as we reveal five prominent athletes who advocate for m*rijuana usage and invest in the cannabis industry.

1. Eugene Monroe

You can’t talk about athletes who smoke weed without mentioning Eugene Monroe. The former National Football League (NFL) player has made great strides in advocating for the medical use of cannabis in the industry.

Monroe played in the NFL for eight seasons before retiring in 2016 due to health-related issues. He was one of the first activists to push the league to permit basketball players to use medical m*rijuana.

Eugene argued that opioids were unhealthy and highly addictive to players. In his move to get the league to permit medical m*rijuana formally, he claimed that athletes would benefit from m*rijuana. He argued that it could potentially reduce pain and the use of opioids by 64%.

Since exiting the football scene, Monroe has devoted his life to this wondrous herb. The former athlete amplified cannabis in sport by partnering with GTI Medical. The retired player is also the NFL’s leading advocate for the legalization of medical m*rijuana and regulatory reform.

Monroe wants to give individuals who require medical cannabis respectable and secure access to the plant. He stepped up his advocacy by creating a personal website and contributing $80,000 to medical m*rijuana research.

2. Ross Rebagliati

Ross Rebagliati, the famous Canadian snowboarder and Olympic champion, is well-known in the medical m*rijuana industry.

He’s the founder of Vancouver-based startup Ross Gold. The company encourages athletes to use m*rijuana for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. It focuses on weed-based home growing kits and consumables.

The business seeks to acquire a standardized supply chain for medical cannabis through an Ontario-based distribution partner. Ross Gold allows customers to order products online and receive them through secure courier deliveries.

Although Rebagliati is retired, he still wants m*rijuana removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of illegal substances. He contends that cannabis offers non-addictive relief from pain and inflammation for athletes in place of opiates.

3. Diaz Brothers

The famous UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) pair, the Diaz brothers, have become extremely popular because of their enthusiasm for weed. They’re ardent cannabis users who claim that the herb improves physical performance.

The duo openly smokes m*rijuana and frequently gets in trouble for it. Most notably, in one of the post-fight press conferences, Nate pulled out a vape pen and started indulging. When interviewed, he said it helps him calm down after a match.

The brothers also use bongs and pipes to smoke weed. Nick and Nate’s fight for m*rijuana isn’t just a PR move to entice people to talk about them. The brothers ignited a dialogue about m*rijuana use in professional boxing.

In 2020, the UFC eliminated weed from its list of banned substances. Sportspeople attribute the move to the Diaz brothers’ audacious deeds.

4. Gabby Douglas

Male players aren’t the only athletes who smoke weed, and several ladies also feature on this list. Gabby Douglas makes profitable weed investments when she’s not competing at the Olympics.

The gold medal winner invested in a company called Motive CBD with a handful of other notable athletes. Their experience in active sports spurred them to invest in the industry.

This cannabis brand’s product range prim*rily focuses on athletes. Its main goal is to ensure that players remain active and pain-free.

5. Mike Tyson

Are you wondering what athletes smoke weed? One of the famous sportspeople who consumes cannabis regularly is Mike Tyson. In an interview, this legendary athlete said he wished he’d smoked weed throughout his entire career.

In the Mojave Desert of California, the boxing legend recently founded his cannabis empire, Tyson Ranch. The renowned athlete is looking into building a m*rijuana-themed resort.

Tyson’s brand is confirmed to have received $9 million in funding. Besides the massive investment, he shook the weed industry by releasing ear-shaped consumables.

Since the company’s establishment, it’s become a 420 favorite and expanded operations to more than 20 states.

The brand has sold over 3,000 pounds of m*rijuana flower across North America. With time, the number will only increase as the company grows and works with well-known people in various industries.

Other Notable Cannabis Advocates

Sportspeople must be courageous in supporting m*rijuana usage since it could negatively affect their contracts and sponsorships. Due to the realization that cannabis may potentially assist in pain reduction and recovery, more athletes are supporting this herb.

Some notable cannabis advocates in the sports industry include: 

  • Conor McGregor: Mixed martial artist and former UFC champion.
  • Kevin Durant: Professional basketball player.
  • Amy Van Dyken: Former gold-winning swimmer at the Olympics.
  • Michael Phelps: Olympics medalist swimmer. 
  • Jake Plummer: Former football player.

Some of these advocates have established brands that market CBD products to sportspeople and the public. While many may argue that m*rijuana could harm your health, these successful athletes beg to differ.

The Future of Cannabis in Sports

More athletes are supporting the use of cannabis in professional sports due to its purported positive effects. As more advocates pop up, the future of m*rijuana in athletics might be brighter. Agencies could regulate the rules and allow sportspeople to use medical m*rijuana.

While you wait for changes, why not support the cannabis brands that these athletes have established?

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