6 Best PS4 Motion Controller Games

In today’s time, Motion Controller Games are considered almost everyone’s favorite. Why? Because you can operate them with a motion control device which is very easy to use. So, these are becoming quite interesting for everyone. Do you know that these games are also available on PS4? Let’s know about the PS4 motion controller games.

 Since the motion controller games were initially created for the PS3. Everyone guesses that the number of PS4 games that utilize motion control would be no more than five or less. Isn’t it right? Well!! No. There are a lot of Motion Controller Games that are played on PS4. It means choosing the best game to play now becomes difficult for you.

Don’t Worry!! The top 6 Motion Controller Games for the Playstation 4 are included in this article. Here’s the list:

  • Just Dance
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Raw Data 
  • 18 Floors
  • Dreams 
  • Sportsfriends

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Top 6 PS4 Motion Controller Games

Just Dance 

One of the many iterations in the series of dance/party games that Ubisoft often releases. Similar to what the players may remember from earlier iterations, your job is to follow the choreographies executed by animated, colorful characters. The more precisely you can repeat their movements, the better your score will be.

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Several dozen popular hit songs are included in Just Once

  • Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie- Rokabye
  • Bruno Mars- 24K Magic
  • Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj- Side to Side
  • Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne- The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody)
  • Jamiroquai- Automaton
  • Shakira ft. Maluma- Chantaje
  • Hyuna- Bubble Pop
  • Hatsune Miku- Love Ward
  • Groove Century- Daddy Cool
  • Big Freedia- Make it Jingle

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Angry Birds Star Wars

The ruthless Pigtroopers of the Empire squared up against a band of desperate rebel birds! The rebel birds have defeated the evil imperial pigs for the first time by attacking from an underground base. Rebel spies are working quickly to get the PIG STAR secret designs to the rebels’ birds after they successfully stole it during the battle. They now require your help.

Characteristics Of Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Daya And Days Of Interesting Gameplay: Discover more than 80 levels in well-known places like the Pig star and Tatooine. Can you collect all three stars while dodging evil force powers, Tusken Raider Pigs, laser turrets, and imperial pigs?
  • Utilize new game mechanics to wreak havoc on the imperial pigs by using lightsabers, blasters, and Jedi powers.
  • Level Up Your Birds: To help your birds become more proficient, keep playing and leveling them up.
  • Secrets And Hidden Goodies
  • Free Updates

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Raw Data

In a far-off future where Eden Corporation rules the globe, Raw Data’s action takes place. The player is in control of SyndiK8, a skilled hacker who works for the resistance. To eliminate the behemoth, he must take important data. He must compromise the security system to accomplish this, though.

New Updates Included In Raw Data

  • New Mission- Nuke Fusion
  • New Enemy- Mega Dynamo
  • New Enemy- Beamfire Mekomo
  • New Defense- Plasma Turret
  • New Feature- Rack-Up Screen
  • New Feature- Leaderboards
  • New Feature- Multiplayer Quickplay

18 Floors

The style of 18 floors is based on escape rooms. To exit a sequence of locked doors is the player’s goal. The solution to a series of connected logical riddles is the key to opening a door. These puzzles include mechanical, visual, and mathematical once as well as a variety of two and three-dimensional ones.

The magnificent chambers were constructed in various architectural styles. The interior of a train that is heading beneath the ocean’s surface, an antique warehouse, or a beautifully decorated room is all possible places for us to find ourselves.

Technical Aspects Of 18 Floors

  • On Pcs the game is compatible with the VR devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • The game requires both Playstation VR and Playstation move motion controllers for Playstation 4


Dreams is an action-adventure game developed by PS4. The game is set in user-created dream worlds. The game is an entirely three-dimensional action that includes racing, puzzle-solving, battle, and exploration. Users are free to choose which difficulties they would like to incorporate into their creations. All dreams that are afterward made become a part of a vast online cosmos that the entire community can explore. 

Key Features Of Dreams

  • A Funhouse Photoshop
  • The Lazy’s Person Selling Point
  • The Big Picture


Crazy action game with an unconventional bowling style. The game is an updated version of Corecell Technology’s  Crazy Bowling strike, which was published in 2012. For Playstation 4, the game makes use of the Playstation Move motion controller. The goal of the game is to strike every bowl. On the other hand, there are a lot of impediments and power-ups in our way. 

The bowling alleys are outdoors, such as in a watermill, ice tunnel, crystal mine, or a snow-covered area. 

Game Modes Of Sportsfriends

We can play both alone and with other players in a variety of various gameplay settings in Crazy Strike Bowling EX. In local or network mode, up to four players may participate at once. 


These were all the best PS4 Motion Controller Games that you should definitely try. If you are really confused that which game to play that gives you an amazing experience and is also worth your time. Then, for sure you can choose any game of your choice from our mentioned list. I will surely say that all these games are the best Motion Control Games that are designed specifically for PS4.

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