Fix All Pubg Mobile Login Errors After New Update

Yesterday I updated my Pubg Mobile to the latest version. After successfully updating the game, I was still facing many login errors including the Pubg login problem with Twitter and Facebook. 

Later I followed many tips and tricks given on the internet. Some say to restart mobile while others have uploaded useless tutorials on YouTube. 

However, among all the tutorials available online, I found some really helpful. I am going to share them with you too. No matter if you have an Android or iOS device. 

You don’t need to worry about losing your ID because after following my tutorials, you’ll be able to log in with whatever account you have. Now it can be a Facebook or Twitter account. 

Apart from just iOS or Android devices, you can also login into your desktop if you are facing Pubg login issues in game loop or BlueStacks emulator.

How To Fix Pubg Mobile Login Failed After New Updates?

Either you newly download Pubg Mobile or Update the existing one. There are chances that you are going to face certain login errors. Now what are some login errors, let’s have a glance.

  • Pubg login issue with Facebook
  • Pubg network error login failed
  • Login error restricted area
  • Account has been logged with a newer device
  • Error Code: Restricted Area

These are some major errors that you can face while login into Pubg Mobile.

How do I fix all these?

You can follow some below-listed methods and apply them in order to solve Pubg login errors.

Check Your Device Specifications

Now, this might seem weird. You might wonder what’s the connection between login errors with my mobile’s specifications. Well, if you have a low-end device, you may download the game but won’t be able to log in. 

To check whether your device is capable of playing Pubg Mobile, you can match these specifications with your mobile.

Minimum Requirements to Play Pubg in Android Devices

  • Android version must be 5.1.1 or over.
  • Minimum 2GB ram. Bigger ram will be better.
  • A good processor with a good GPU.

If your Android mobile has average specifications but you still want to play Pubg Mobile/BGMI in it smoothly, then you should download the config file for Pubg.

Minimum Requirements for iOS Devices

  • iPhone 6s or later.
  • iOS version 13.0 or later required.

Pubg Mobile Requirements for BlueStacks or Game Loop Emulator

  • Cpu must be i3 or up
  • Windows 10 OS
  • 2GB Nvidia Graphics Card
  • 8GB Ram
  • Good Internet Connection

If you find your device capable of playing Pubg Mobile smoothly, then you can proceed towards the second step to get rid of the login error.

Update Pubg Mobile

Use this method only if there’s a previous version of the game installed. Pubg Corporation is a huge gaming company and they roll over updates for games every month. For every login error solution, mostly an update is required. 

If you have already updated the game to the latest version. Make sure you haven’t downloaded that update from any third-party app store or website. If yes, then you will face login problems repeatedly.

Install Facebook and Twitter Application

This login solution will work only if you have a Facebook or Twitter account. Otherwise, you can also download “Google Play Games” if you log in with your Google ID. 

Once you downloaded your login app. Open it and log in with your desired Pubg account. Now, open the Pubg Mobile and select log in with Facebook or Twitter. After selecting, you’ll be redirected to the login page. You just need to authorize it and your game will run successfully.

Check Your Internet Connection

Another major cause of the Pubg login error is the slow internet connection. Because of this, a player gets many notifications such as Restricted Server: Try again after 200 seconds.

To overcome this, you can either try a VPN or play Pubg with a good internet connection.

Final Points

The above are the permanent fixes for any type of Pubg login errors. All these methods will definitely work. You can also try repairing your game. If the issue persists, then the only solution is to contact Pubg customer service. They might take time but you will get a permanent solution.

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