All Forms Of Furfrou In Pokemon Go – 10 Furfrou Trims You Need To Know

Which form/trim of Furfrou do you have in Pokemon Go? If you own a Furfrou, then you may know that Furfrou is that type of Pokemon in the game, which has its own several forms and you will get the privilege of all of its forms by simply following some steps. However, we must first learn about all forms of Furfrou in Pokemon Go.

There is a total of 10 forms of Furfrous that are available in Pokemon Go. Some forms include Matron Trim, Debutante Trim, Star Trim, Kabuki Trim, Heart Trim, and others are discussed later in the article.

If you want to know all the forms of Furfrou along with its locations, then you must need to check out this article.

All Forms Of Furfrou In Pokemon Go

Furfrou has a total of 10 forms in Pokemon Go. The list of all 10 forms of Furfrou is shown below.

  1. Natural Form
  2. Matron Trim
  3. Dandy Trim
  4. Debutante Trim
  5. Diamond Trim
  6. Star Trim
  7. Le Reine Trim
  8. Kabuki Trim
  9. Pharaoh Trim
  10. Heart Trim

Where You Will Get All These Furfrou Forms?

From 10 trims of Furfrou, some are available everywhere, while some are only found in specific areas. Here’s again a list of Furfrou forms along with their locations.

  • Natural Form: Worldwide
  • Matron Trim: Worldwide
  • Dandy Trim: Worldwide
  • Debutante Trim: Americas
  • Diamond Trim: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Star Trim: Asia-Pacific
  • Le Reine Trim: France
  • Kabuki Trim: Japan
  • Pharaoh Trim: Egypt
  • Heart Trim: Valentine’s Day Event 2022

For the Furfrou to form change, all you need to do is be there. But what about Heart Trim, you can find it only at Valentine’s Day Events. Let’s give you information on it.

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How To Get Furfrou’s Heart Trim In Pokemon Go?

On February 14, 2022, Furfrou’s Heart Trim form was made accessible. Because it was an event-exclusive form rather than a region-exclusive form, it operated somewhat differently from the other trims.

The Heart Trim for Furfrou is not presently available, however, there is a chance that it will become available again during the Valentine’s Day Event in 2023, so keep a lockout around that time.

How To Change Furfrou’s Trim Form In Pokemon Go?

These are the procedures you must follow in order to change Furfrou’s Trim in Pokemon Go.

  • Be certain you have 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust
  • Decide which Furfrou you want
  • To view the Trims readily available in your area, Press the “Form Change” button.
  • Select the Trim that you desire and then confirm your decision.

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All these 10 forms of Furfrou are worth having. Each of them has distinct qualities that are outstanding. So, it’s now up to you how many Furfrou forms you want. Now by following these steps you are ready to flaunt your new Furfrou to the world. Make sure you are satisfied with your decision before confirming because every time you need the same amount of candy and stardust for getting the new form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Furfrou Trim?

Le Reine Trim is the rarest trim of Furfrou. 

Do Furfrou forms permanent?

You can alter Furfrou’s Trim one more by paying another 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust because these changes to the form are not permanent. Hit on a Furfrou in your collection and then tap the “Change Form” button to alter its trim.

What is the color of shiny Furfrou?

Normally, Furfrou resembles a white poodle, but in the shiny form, it takes on whole other appearances. Furfrou switches from its regular white color to one that is more purple-black-like.

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