Are Katie And Tom Still Together in 2024?

With the new season of Winter House, fans find themselves on tenterhooks waiting for an update regarding Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood’s love story. The Bravo reality show, a combination of some actors from different shows on the channel sharing their memories during the snow holiday, has raised eyebrows concerning this particular couple in the winter house. Tom and Katie decided to live for a while following the filming, so let’s check if they are still together after these cold adventures.

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood still together | Tom and Katie’s Background

Before we untie the state of their relationship, let’s look briefly at Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood. Tom, an old hand at Vanderpump Rules from Seasons 1 to 10, shared company with Katie, who had appeared on Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean. The Winter House Season 3 journey promised to be an engaging chapter of Bravo’s storyline.

Dramatic Evolution of the Winter House Cast

A Bravo Stars’ Mashup

Winter House Season 3 featured eight main cast members from six Bravo shows, including Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, and Family Karma. Nevertheless, the cast dynamics had unpredictable turns as Tom Sandoval left, and if we believe behind-the-scenes rumours, Tom Schwartz may prolong his filming due to latent drama.

The Alluring Potential of Colorado

Producers suggested that Tom and Katie may pop up later on in Colorado during Winter House Season 3, which would have made the trajectory of their story arc a little different. The suspenseful saga kept the fans in constant anticipation, waiting for things to resolve.

Do Tom and Katie Still Have A Relationship?

Tom’s Confession

And the burning question is— Did Tom and Katie part ways after Winter House? However, the answer seems to be a dark no. In an interesting interview with Tom Schwartz on the podcast “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany” in June 2023, post-filming revealed that he is no longer with Katie Flood.

Tom’s Relationship Status

Tom not only shed light on his relationship status but also denied gossip about a possible love affair with Jo Wenberg, whom the public assumed was her new girlfriend during Vanderpump Rules Season 10. The post-Winter House romantic landscape of Tom was lit when he asserted that ‘I’m single and not ready to mingle.’

Navigating Past Relationships

Addressing his past with his former wife, Katie Maloney, Tom admitted they divorced in October 2021. Despite his continued affection towards Katie Maloney and the friendship between the two, he said that it was not love currently as, after a 12-year relationship, people need some physical distance.


At the end of Winter House Season 3, Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood’s love story ends on-screen. The cold adventures have made Tom a single man trying to deal with the modernities of post-divorce life. To Winter House aficionados, this disclosure is a major twist in the saga of reality television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Tom and Katie remain in a relationship in Winter House Season 3?

No, Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood are no longer a couple after Winter House Season 3.

Q2. Is Tom and Jo Wenberg dating after the Winter House?

No, Tom reports he is not dating anyone except Jo Wenberg.

Q3. Was Tom Schwartz almost absent from filming Winter House?

Speculations followed, but Tom Schwartz eventually participated in Winter House Season 3.

Q4. What is Tom’s current status with Katie Maloney, the ex-wife?

Tom and Katie Maloney are separated, and he clears that he is not in love with her but has a good relationship.

Q5. Why did Tom Sandoval resign from Winter House?

Tom Sandoval’s separation was connected with his love affair, Scandaval since they involved Ariana Madix and co-star Raquel Leviss.

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