Best Action Games For Xbox One 2022

Trying to find some amazing action games for Xbox One? After all, this is one of the most popular gaming genres. Everyone loves to play action games on their console, the issue is that they have a hard time finding the best action games. 

There is a vast and outstanding collection of action games provided by Xbox One. With the plot that is one of a kind, appealing exploration, and wide combat mechanics, these action games are something one would not wish to miss out on. 

You must also be looking for an action game that covers everything from the plot and visuals to the mechanics’ compilation. Yet, to filter out the best action games out of such a large pile of options is a tough task, and you might end up getting the average game. 

So, if you are looking for the best action games for Xbox one, here we are. We explored a lot, and only after that could we pick out some of the most amazing pieces that you can try on your Xbox One and you will love playing them for sure. 

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Best Action Games For Xbox One

Here are some of the greatest action games for Xbox One of all time. If you miss out on any of these, you are going to regret it later, so it is better that you try and play them one by one and see for yourself how much you will love them. 

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

You can say Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best action game that you will find on Xbox One. the game is incredibly rare and flawless with everything that a gamer looks for in a game of action genre. Although this is the sequel of the original version, as you play it, you will realize that this is actually working as a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption in which you are going to get transported to the Wild West. 

You have to compete for 60 hours of gameplay. The storyline is vast and thus, it keeps your interest occupied throughout the game. You will have to accomplish several missions. Ther will be shootouts, chases, heists, and so much more. You have to compete in so many aspects, be it playing poker or stealing horses. 

There is great detailing done in the game, giving importance to the smallest things, the graphics are great as well. 

You can purchase the game from the Microsoft store for $60, however, at Amazon, it is available for just $40. 

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2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This is another one-of-a-kind action game for Xbox One that has a really good story along with breathtaking combat. There is a diverse variety of choices that you can make with Odyssey. You can first choose the protagonist you want, then there will be several dialog boxes appearing continuously through which you can react to the events that will follow. You can also decide who you want to lust after first. 

The game belongs to the Assassin’s Creed Origins franchise, but the graphics and the storyline are better than ever. The game goes on for over 50 hours for you to complete the challenge. The combat system has also been updated, so the variety you are getting in this game is incomparable to any other action game available out there. 

Get your hands on the game for $60 at the Microsoft store. Want a discount? Then go for the Amazon price which is just $29. Is it still expensive? Well, Walmart is offering the game at just $27.42! 

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3. Resident Evil 2

This is a full remake of the original Resident Evil that was released in the year 1998. The zombies are far more terrific than before, coming in a horde towards you that you might begin to panic at the sight of it as the graphics are too good. 

The controls of the game have also been updated, making them fluid and far more easy for you to handle the game. The game has also added frequent save points to make it convenient for you to get your way through the game. 

The game is available on the Microsoft Store at $60, while, at Amazon, you can purchase it for just $20. 

4. Nier Automata

This game is based on the far future when the humans would have escaped to the Moon while only androids will be left behind on the vacant earth that will combat the machines that have been spawned by the extraterrestrials. There is a team of Android 2B that is trying to destroy the standstill between the extraterrestrials and the humans. 

The graphics and the soundtrack of the game are worth it. The combat system is also way too good. 

The game is available on Microsoft Store and you can purchase it for $40. 

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5. Devil May Cry 5

This is another game on Xbox One that gives you everything that one looks for in an action game, the story is compelling, the graphics are updated, and there is button-mashing, air-flipping combat mechanics. The game has been designed excellently, you can’t miss this at any cost. 

Purchase the game from the Microsoft Store at $60, while at Amazon it is available for $24. 

6. The House Of The Dead: Remake

This is an action game that is filled with horror. It is near impossible to escape the house once you enter it. The original game The House Of The Dead was introduced in the year 1997. 

The gaming standards in the remake of this game have been switched to the modern level while the version is still true to the original gameplay. There are multiple endings in the game depending on how you go through it. 

The game is available for just $39 on hurry up and grab the deal. 

Wrap Up

These were all the top six action games for your Xbox One, and each of them is incomparable to the others. See for yourself which one you are interested the most in and get it for your Xbox One. 

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