Best Audio Settings For Warzone 2022

When it comes to Battle Royale games, the audio quality and settings cannot be compromised. Do you agree? If yes, then you should definitely be aware of the best audio settings for Warzone if you are into this game. 

Call of Duty: Warzone is a great installment in the franchise where a maximum of 150 players can compete at a time. The best thing about Warzone is the availability of great audio settings which you can customize however you like. However the more the options, the more is the trouble of getting the best audio settings. 

What are the best audio settings for Warzone? Answer: turn the Master Volume, Effects Volume, and Cinematics volume to 100%, Dialogue volume to 30%, and disable the Music Volume, Juggernaut Music, and Mono Audio. Also, keep the headphones/speaker game sound device to system default settings and the Hit marker sound to Classic effect. 

To understand in detail the best audio settings you can have in your Call of Duty Warzone, you will need to continue reading and find out. 

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Best Audio Settings For Warzone

There are multiple options in the settings menu of Warzone, and each of them has significance in one way or the other. 

We are going to explain the ideal settings under each option one by one, it will be better for you if you follow the same settings.  

1. Master Volume

To get the best audio settings for Warzone, make sure that the master volume of the game is set to 100% as there can be no compromise here. If you do this, you will be able to clearly hear the footsteps and various other cues of your enemies and assume which direction they are heading from. 

If your game’s master volume is not 100%, then you might not hear all the sounds around you clearly, which is sometimes a really crucial thing. 

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2. Music Volume

If you do not want any distractions while you are intensively playing Warzone, then we suggest you turn your Music Volume off, that is, to 0%. The music volume can be quite disturbing and annoying while you are queuing for Warzone, so it is no use to turn on your music volume. 

3. Dialogue Volume

It is preferable that you keep your game’s dialogue volume to 30% or even lower or else you will keep being distracted by the useless callouts yelled out by the NPC every five seconds. So, if you don’t want any such disturbance, then keep your dialogue volume least. 

4. Effects Volume

The effects volume should be set to 100% for the most tactical advantages in the game. By turning the Effects Volume to full, sounds like footsteps, closing gunshots, opening doors, and explosions will be clearly audible to you.

You might not give these sounds much importance, but they can really be a lot helpful sometimes as they usually alert you to the danger coming towards you. 

5. Cinematic Volume

You do not especially require to change the cinematic volumes in Warzone from their default settings. However, if, at any point in time you feel that the sounds of the cinematics are disturbing your gameplay, then you can turn down or simply turn off the cinematic volume. 

6. Juggernaut Music

Most of the time a dope track is played during a Juggernaut Killstreak which is quite distracting for the players leading them to fall prey to their enemies. This is why you should prefer disabling Juggernaut Music while playing Warzone. 

7. Mono Audio

If you don’t want to mess up your audio profile, then we recommend that you disable the Mono audio in Warzone, otherwise the same sound will be played in both the ear cups of your headphones and the cues will become useless at this time because you will not be able to realize which direction the sound is exactly coming from. 

8. Hit Marker Sound Effects

The classic hit marker sound effect is quite familiar and hence, will not hamper your gameplay in any way. So, we suggest that you set the effect to the Classic one, as the sound is also somewhat boosting and increases your confidence when you give the right shot and give you the best audio settings for Warzone.

9. Speaker/Headphones Game Sound Device

You should keep the settings of your main audio output device for the Warzone game to default mode and the audio device will be automatically selected and will be the right choice for you. 

10. Audio Mix

There is as such no specific recommendation in this case. You can boost the audio mix high, or even as per your own preferences and then decide which one is best for you.

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Wrap Up

These were all the major options that can let you have the best audio settings for Warzone. People might take audio in a game lightly, but a true gamer will never ignore this aspect as it greatly affects your progress throughout the game. One extra sound or one skipped sound can bring a big deal out of it.

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