Best Disney Games For Switch

Do you want to check out some of the best Disney games for Nintendo Switch? After all, who is not a fan of Disney characters! Let us see then. 

Disney characters have long since dwelled in our hearts right from our childhood days. Everyone has their own favorite Disney movie or Disney character. Most prominent of these are Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book, right?

What would be more delightful than being able to play your favorite Disney character in a video game? Well, if you have Nintendo Switch with you, then it is possible. 

If you want to play some interesting Disney games on Switch, then now is the time. Keep reading the article and you will find a few of them.

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Best Disney Games For Switch

There is a Disney Classic Games Collection available for Nintendo Switch users that has quite an impressive collection of Disney games that you can play on Switch. The collection contains 7 versions of the Aladdin game, 5 versions of The Lion King game, and 3 versions of The Jungle Book game. 

Are you interested in playing these? You must be! So, let us know a little about some of the major games present in this collection that you must definitely give a try. Here we go. 

1. Aladdin (Final Cut Version)

Aladdin is the most famous character in the Disney world and we all are well aware of this fact. Aladdin Final Cut Version has been identified as the best game in the whole Disney Classic Games Collection.

 There are no bugs in the game and you can witness the refined camera adjustments. There are also secret levels and hit detection on the enemies. 

2. Aladdin (Sega Genesis & Japanese Version)

The Aladdin Sega Genesis & Japanese Version is one of a kind. There are great visuals in the game with everything well detailed as actual Disney artists have hand-drawn them. 

There is action and swordplay throughout the game, and you have to cross several levels in the game for various achievements. 

3. The Lion King (Super Nintendo)

You can call the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis versions nearly siblings to each other as there is only a matter of some improvised controls and visuals. However, this also brings a huge difference to the quality and preference of the game and you sure would prefer the Super Nintendo version over the other. 

4. The Lion King (Sega Genesis & Japanese Version)

Apart from minor changes in the visuals and the controls in the game The Lion King Super Nintendo, there is not much difference in the Sega Genesis version. 

You can also see that there are slightly higher jumps of the character while you play this game which makes it easier for you to reach the ledges. 

5. Aladdin (Super Nintendo)

Capcom has intended Aladdin’s Super Nintendo version which is the most authentic adaptation of the original Aladdin Disney movie you will ever find in a game. The game is completely based upon the story even if it doesn’t have as good visuals as the Sega Genesis version of the game. 

6. The Jungle Book (Sega Genesis)

You can clearly see in the game that the game has totally been developed based on the animated film The Jungle Book which was released in the year 1967. Story elements have been added to the game for the purpose of creating more levels for the players.

In order to advance within the game, you need to collect gems throughout. The gameplay is quite fast as compared to the other versions of the game. 

7. The Jungle Book (Super Nintendo)

Eurocom has developed the Super Nintendo version of the game The Jungle Book, and this version is entirely unique in its own way, totally not resembling its Sega Genesis version. 

The camera angle has been zoomed in the game that leading to a larger view of the sprites while a smaller view of the field. In this game as well you have to gather gems but the best part is that you do not need to collect them within a fixed time duration. 

8. Aladdin (Demo Version)

The demo version of Aladdin was basically created just to be shown off at the trade shows. This version comprises just three stages in the whole game, the stages have the scenes of Agrabah Market, Inside the lamp, and Agrabah rooftops. 

This is just a work in progress version of the original Aladdin game as you will find some anomalies and visual defects in the game along with missing sound effects and the controls are also not that much refined, yet it has been added to the Disney Classic Games collection. 

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Wrap Up

These were some of the important Disney games for Switch, all of which you will be able to find within the Disney Classic Games Collection. Get yourself the game and enjoy playing them. You would love these if you are a true Disney fan.

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