10 Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go That You Need To Add To Your List

The Fairy-Type Pokemon are excellent for you if you are someone who chooses Pokemon based on their appearance as they are so adorable and alluring. But, still, it would not be a good decision to pick up a Pokemon just by looking at its beauty. Right! So, for this, you need to know about the best fairy-type pokemon in Pokemon Go which is not only better in their appearance but in their moves also. 

Being a player of Pokemon Go, you must know that Pokemon Go is full of millions of Pokemon which includes different types of Pokemon of which one type of Pokemon is Fairy-type that are always in great demand by players to add them to their list. For this, we have a list of the 10 best Fairy-Type Pokemon that you must have.

Here is a list of the 10 best fairy-type pokemon in Pokemon Go.

  • Whimsicott
  • Aromatisse
  • Slurpuff
  • Alolan Ninetails
  • Galarian Rapidash
  • Sylveon
  • Mega Altaria
  • Shadow Gardevoir
  • Xerneas
  • Granbull

Check out these Pokemon and get information on them which helps you in choosing the best as per your criteria.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Can’t Wait to make you familiar with these Pokemon, so without wasting any time, just collect some information on all of them.

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Best Fairy-Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Whimsicott

Because it has access to Charm and Moonblast, Whimsicott is a good choice for a fairy-type attacker. Combined, the moves provide a decent overall damage output that should destroy the dragon, dark, and fighting kinds. Sadly, Whimsicott does not perform as well in the area of defense.


Best Fairy-Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Aromatisse

Aromatisse really shines in the stamina category and also has a respectable Attack Stat. Its defense is sadly a little lacking, but as long as it isn’t up against poison or steel-type pokemon, most players shouldn’t have too much trouble with this.


Best Fairy-Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Slurpuff

Slurpuff, one of the few pure Fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, is a wise choice for anyone wishing to give their squad more complexity. In addition to having highly good attack-defense ratings, it also possesses great stamina. But regrettably, its poor skill set does set it back a little.

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Alolan Ninetails

Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Alolan Ninetails

Alolan Ninetails is the best used as an ice-type attacker, but because of its secondary typing, it can also work well as a fairy-type attacker on occasion. If necessary, it can even function as a hybrid attacker, with Charm and Weather Ball serving as reliable substitutes for fairy and ice-type attacks, respectively.

Galarian Rapidash

Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Galarian Rapidash

One of the best-looking Pokemon from the Galar region, Galarian Rapidash also boosts some rather outstanding fairy stats which makes it one of the best-designed Pokemon overall. It’s a reliable attacker with good stamina, and if taught the play Rough move, it has the potential to become a superior fairy-type attacker.


Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Sylveon

Sylveon, one of the game’s more recent additions, is another pure fairy type with a lot of promise for those prepared to invest the time in unlocking it. It performs best when equipped with Charm and Dazzling Gleam and will see a modest increase in damage when fighting in foggy conditions, similar to many other fairy types in the game.

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Mega Altaria

Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Mega Altaria

The majority of gamers choose to teach Mega Altaria Peck along with Dazzling Gleam instead of trying to make use of its dragon typing by having it learn Dragon Breath. This not only has the greatest raw power damage potential but also the greatest DPS the Pokemon is capable of.

Shadow Gardevoir

Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Shadow Gardevoir

In Pokemon Go, Shadow Gardevoir is by far the finest fairy type because of both its tremendous damage potential and dual typing. Although its overall damage output is a touch lower than some of the other fairy types in the game, its DPS is unmatched and provides it a commanding advantage over its competitors. 


Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Xerneas

Xerneas is one of the best choices if you want to add any Fairy-type Pokemon to your list. It has a particularly potent attack stat. It is a legendary pokemon, so it is not always possible to capture it. Only five-star raid battles offer it, and the Pokemon in such battle pools frequently change. If you wish to capture one for your fighting squad, keep a watch out for when Xerneas might make a comeback to raid engagements.


Best Fairy Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go- Granbull

One more potentially powerful fairy type that might be encountered in Pokemon Go Battles is the Granbull, which is a dog-like Pokemon. Similar to Gardevoir, Granbull has a shadow form that you can switch to for increased attack power in exchange for a lesser defense. It is a unique Pokemon of fairy type. It is defenseless against combat, bug, dark, and particularly dragon-type assaults. Some of the best steel-type Pokemon can poison it and attack it.


Pokemon Go has a long list of fairy-type pokemon, all of which are no longer worth your time. But these are the 10 best pokemon that work best for you. So, just grab information on them and start your journey by capturing them one by one.

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