Best FPS Games For Mac

Want to know about the best FPS games for Mac? Of course, if you love gaming and you own a Mac, you must be looking for some great FPS Mac games that you can play and enjoy. Let us acquaint you with some of such amazing games that are a must-try. 

What are FPS games? FPS stands for First Person Shooter, and the FPS games are one of the most popular ones among gamers. These games are played from the perspective of the first person. One enjoys a 3D gaming experience by playing through the main character’s eyes in the game.

 However, there is a limited number of FPS games supported on Mac so it gets tough to find the best one that can be tried and get satisfied with. People usually try hard to find suitable ones to be played on Mac, yet they don’t find them up to the mark. 

If you are also looking for the best FPS Mac games, then this is the time you are going to know about some mind-blowing FPs Mac games that you would surely love to play. 

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Best Free FPS Games On Mac

Let us check some great FPS games for Mac that you can play absolutely without paying anything to purchase them. Yes, you heard that right, there are some amazing FPS games that run for free on Mac. Here is the list of the best FPS games 2022 that you will be able to play on your Mac absolutely for free. 

1. Red Eclipse 2

You will experience great visuals while playing Red Eclipse 2 on your Mac. it provides with real-time dynamic lighting and shadow. There is sufficient occlusion as well as global illumination. The map model lighting has also been vastly improved.

 There is HDR, tone mapping, and bloom. The water screenspace reflection, volumetric lighting, and the glass and water refraction add to the visual effects in the game. 

2. War Trigger 3

In this FPS game, you can compete with your friends or other players from all over the world. You get to use some of the most advanced weapons as well as vehicles. You can play along with a maximum of 24 players at a time. There are several arenas designed in the game, all distinct for the vehicles, air combat, infantry, and many more. 

3. Chex Quest

Would you believe it if we tell you that there is an FPS game that is not violent? Yes, there is. Chex Quest is an FPS game version that is not violent at all and is mainly developed for children to play. 

4. Rules Of Survival: Battle Royale Game

Under the battle royal genre, Rules Of Survival is the most outstanding FPS game that you will find to play on your Mac. the game is totally based on the strategy for survival. You can compete alongside up to 120 players in real time where each of the players will have their own objective. 

You have to use your innate skills and wits to last through the game battle, however, luck also plays a good part in this game. You can say this is the best FPS game on Mac

5. Skill Warz

Skill Warz has its name amongst the modern FPS games for Mac. there are 7 game modes in Skill Warz and over 20 maps. You can also practice first in the Training mode that the game provides. 

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6. Krunker

Krunker is a free multiplayer First Person Shooter game. The best thing about this is that you do not even need to download the game on your Mac. you can just run it in the browser by simply searching “Krunker”. The modding and mapping tools of the game are robust and you will love playing the game. 

7. Unturned

Welcome to the Zombie apocalypse! With a wide range of guns and vehicles, this is an FPS game that lets you deal with the zombies all over. You explore, fight, craft, build and survive a variety of zombies throughout the game.

 You can either go all out with your gun and wipe off the zombies or quietly deal with them one by one, it is up to you which approach you to want to follow. You can also gather supplies for yourself or hunt animals, fish, or build when you are not dealing with the zombies at the moment. 

8. Ravenfield

This is a single-player FPS game. If are new to playing FPS games on your Mac, then this is a good choice as you will easily be able to pick it up very soon. 

9. Marathon Trilogy

Well, Marathon Trilogy is an FPS game for Mac that is based on science fiction. As the word Trilogy suggests, you get a series of three science fiction shooter games in Marathon Trilogy. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the best FPS games 2022 for Mac that you can get totally free of cost and we assure you that you will love playing each of these FPS games on your Mac. 

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