Best Friends List On Snapchat Games

Are you unaware of Snapchat best friends list games and want to know about them in detail? Well, that’s not a big deal as long as we are here for you. 

Snapchat is one of the most popular photos and video sharing platforms where you get so many filters and lenses to edit your picture and send it to your friends. Everyone loves to capture themselves using the Snapchat camera and make a collection of their photos and videos that can be interesting and sometimes funny. 

Not just this, there are also some interesting games available on the platform that you can try for fun as well as challenge your best friends to see if they can play any better than you do. 

If you also want to know about the best friends list on Snapchat games, then we will let you know in detail in this article. Let us move forward. 

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Best Friends List On Snapchat Games

There are a lot of games that you can play on Snapchat whenever you feel bored. Below, we have mentioned some of the best games that you can try and that you will find interesting. Let us then have a look at them one by one. 

1. Ludo Club

You might not have thought that there would also be a game like Ludo on Snapchat. But there is! The game became quite popular on Snapchat, especially during the pandemic. You can play Ludo for hours and hours on Snapchat and have fun with your best friends on the app. 

2. Chess Quest

You can also play chess with your best friends on Snapchat. At the same time when you are playing chess with your friends on Snapchat, you can also keep chatting with them via messages or voice notes while the game is going on. 

3. Flip The Egg

Another interesting game on Snapchat is Flip The Egg. in this game, as soon as the egg comes out of the pan, you have to flip it. You can compete with your best friends on Snapchat in this game and see who tops the score on the game’s leaderboard. The game might sound easy, but it is not that simple, give it a try and see how well you play. 

4. Hex FRVR

You must have played the game Tetris in your childhood a lot and this game is also quite similar to Tetris. In the game, you will need to fill in the hexagons in a row, only then you will get points and will be able to stay alive in the game. As soon as you succeed in making a row of hexagons, the existing blocks will fall away giving your more space. See if you can score better than your best friends in this game on Snapchat. 

5. Subway Surfers Airtime

Subway Surfers has been the first ever Android game that got over a million downloads. And now the same game is also available on the platform Snapchat, with a few alterations to the original version. On Snapchat, you can play Subway Surfers Airtime in real time with your friends and enjoy it. 

6. Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run is another running game on Snapchat which is quite similar to Subway Surfers. This is an endless runner game so you can always play better than before and beat the high score. The graphics of this game are far better than any other running game available on Snapchat. Play it with your friends on Snapchat, and see who scores the highest. 

7. AlphaBear Hustle

This is an interesting word game on Snapchat. You have to guess the right words in the game by figuring out how you can put the right words together out of the jumbled words so that you can make sensible sentences. 

As you keep playing it correctly, you will be able to build a village, trees, animals, playgrounds, and so much more in the game gradually. It is up to you if you want to play the game alone or with your best friends. Obviously, playing with friends will be a lot more fun. 

8. Super Snappy Bowling

So what if you cannot go bowling with your friends outside due to lockdown? You can always play this game on Snapchat. You can enjoy playing pin bowling with your friends on the platform and compete with each other. 

9. Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition

This is an amazing theme park game in which you have to reach the finish line before anyone else. Since the game is a multiplayer edition, you can ask your friends to join and see who wins. You can get your friends off the track by simply bumping into them and see how the game is going to be fun. 

10. Let’s Go Hoops

This is a basketball game on Snapchat. You can either play the game along with with your friends in a team or against each other by competing. You have to make five goals to make yourself win the round. As soon as you win all the rounds, you will get new balls and rims that you can use in the game. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the major best friends’ Snapchat games. Share this with your best friends and ask them which game they would like to play with you, and enjoy your leisure time on these Snapchat games.

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