7 Best Games Like Grounded in 2022

Remember the excitement of Scott Lang when he was reduced to the size of an ant in ANT-MAN? Yes, you can feel the exact thrill and excitement with some other survival Games Like Grounded.

In GROUNDED, you get reduced to a literal bug and enjoy their adventure. But the adventure starts when these tiny bugs come closer enough to terrify you. And the test of your survival initiates. 

Creation is another privilege of this survival game. You can create your own set of armor, and weapons and even craft your own clothing. Just like bugs, you can create your own roof or even elaborate water bases.

The best games like Grounded include the following:

1. Rust

2. Minecraft

3. Raft

4. Don’t Starve Together

5. Metamorphosis

6. The Forest

7. Valheim

Let us know about all these games in detail so that you can know better which one you need to try first for yourself. 

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7 Best Games Like Grounded

The adventure and unique storyline make Grounded a stunning survival game, and to get more Adrenaline rush excitement, and thrill, you can check out the following survival games like grounded.

1. Rust

Survival games sound more exciting and thrilling when you have friends to accompany you. Very much similar to grounded, Rust focuses more on multiplayer and you will enjoy playing it with your friends. Anything is possible in love, war, and survival and that must be your attitude while playing it.

The player will be dropped on a mysterious island and your journey for survival begins. You will not be provided with any arm or ammunition but a torch and a rock. 

From there, for your survival, you will have to find your own food, craft your own tools, and collect materials to create a shelter for yourself. 

And here comes the more fun part. A person can do anything for his survival and so shall you. In this game, you can raid the shelters of others and even steal their stuff. But don’t forget you are a bug. You will be attacked by other wildlife, die by drowning or freezing and be harmed by radiation.

Overall, this is an amazing survival game to enjoy with your friends.

2. Minecraft

Don’t call yourself a gamer if you haven’t heard of MINECRAFT. The most popular on the list, MINECRAFT is the game that paved the way for the others on the list. It’s similar to GROUNDED as it requires exploring and then building your base, crafting and battling against the mob attacking you, and playing all this with your friends is the cherry on top.

It also enhances your creativity as you can create anything you desire.

MINECRAFT is an original sandbox game and old enough, so its graphics are a little outdated but this doesn’t hinder its great performance.

You can play it and enjoy it on any platform you like.

3. Raft

Another stunning survival game, RAFT is similar to GROUNDED but instead of a backyard, you are stuck in the middle of an ocean and your only way of survival is to hold on to a wooden Raft drifting away.

And how does creativity work? Well, use the hook and pull out the materials floating in the sea. From that material, you can create your own small space or even a floating house. Use the shelter to keep yourself safe from Shark attacks and the rough ocean environment.

The graphics might not be that amazing but the game is. You will enjoy it for sure

4. Don’t Starve Together

A game that tests your friendship because for survival here, you will need your friends’ helping hands. Similar to GROUNDED, you will need your crafting skills to create for yourself a shelter and tools for your survival from the unwanted, dangerous creatures around you.

This strange world has hidden dangers and ancient secrets and the creepy, gothic elements in the game make it interesting. Choose your best friends and start the fight for survival.

5. Metamorphosis

The best survival game on the list, Metamorphosis tops the thrill. Similar to GROUNDED in many elements, what differs is that you are not shrunken or reduced to the size of an insect, you are one.

Your character player is GREGOR who turned into an insect under some mysterious circumstances and now, you start the journey to get some answers. You won’t be bored as there are puzzles for you to solve and riddles for you to answer.

The visuals are excellent and the puzzles and riddles make it even more impressive.

6. The Forest

In this gothic survival game, you have to survive as Eric LeBlanc, the player who is wandering around in the forest after a devastating plane crash in search of his lost son Timmy.

You need amazing survival instincts and creative skills to get yourself a shelter and create tools and weapons to keep yourself safe from attacks and look for Timmy. 

Unlike GROUNDED, you are haunted here by cannibals but the survival and creativity are similar to GROUNDED.

Just keep in mind to gather materials for safety and survival during the day and be aware of the cannibal’s attack at night. If you have an amazing survival instinct, you are good to go.

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7. Valheim

If you are still not over from God Of Thunder, Odin, or the beautiful Valhalla, VALHEIM is the perfect survival game for you. It’s loosely based on Norse Mythology and gives various ideas about these mythical characters.

Like GROUNDED, crafting of tools and weapons and collection of food is required. More than a survivor, you are a warrior. The game is more challenging and thrilling so only enter if you are ready to face those challenges.

This Viking culture of battles makes you feel like a true warrior and keeps you engrossed in it. Kill your nemesis and enjoy being “Worthy”.

Wrap Up

If you enjoyed the thrill and excitement of Grounded, then we believe that you should definitely try all these adventurous survival games like Grounded.

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