Best Graphics Settings For MW2 – For PC And Console

Do you want to improve your performance and visibility while playing MW2? Everybody wants to give their best while playing any COD game

What if we tell you by adjusting some basic best graphics settings for MW2 can enhance your gaming up to a high level? For this, you need to focus on the options, that we will discuss now.

For PC users, the best graphics settings for MW2 include Display, Details & Textures, Shadow & Lightning, Post Processing Effects, and Camera. For Console users, these settings include On-Demand Texture Streaming, World & Weapon Motion Blur, Film Grain, Depth of Field, Fidelityfx Cas, and Field of View.

These settings can definitely increase your performance and give you an amazing gaming experience, high-quality visuals, and mesmerizing gaming environment. In short, if your game is lagging due to any kind of issue, so you just need to check out these now.

Best Graphics Settings For MW2

These are the graphics settings that need to be checked out first before playing Modern Warfare 2 in order to play a game with great graphics visuals.

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Modern Warfare 2 Best PC Graphic Settings

Best Graphics Settings For MW2- For PC


  • HDR- Off
  • Focused Mode- Off
  • Brightness- 55
  • Display Gamma- 2.2 SRGB
  • Restart Shaders Optimisation (Use if you face any kind of issue)
  • Custom Framerate Limit- Custom (Gameplay 300- Menu 100- Out of Focus 30)
  • V-Sync (Menus)- Off
  • V-Sync (Menus)- Off
  • Aspect Ratio- Automatic
  • Dynamic Resolution- Off
  • Display Resolution- Your Monitor’s Default
  • Screen Refresh Rate- Your Monitor’s Default
  • Display Adapter- Your GPU
  • Display Monitor- Your Main Monitor
  • Constrain Mouse to Game Window- Off
  • Display Mode- Fullscreen Borderless

Details And Textures

  • Streaming Quality- Low
  • On-Demand Texture Streaming- Off
  • Tessellation- Off
  • Shader Quality- Low
  • Bullet Impacts and Sprays- On
  • Particle Quality- High
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic- High
  • Texture Resolution- Normal
  • Nearby Level of Detail- High
  • Anti-Aliasing- SMAA T2X
  • FidelityFX Cas- On (75%)
  • Render Resolution- 100%
  • Quality Presets- Custom

Shadow And Lightning

  • SSR- Off
  • Ambient Occlusion- Off
  • Particle Lightning- Normal
  • Cache Sun Shadows- On
  • Cache Spot shadows- On
  • Spot Shadow Quality- Low
  • Shadow Map Resolution- Low

Post Processing Effects

  • Film Grain- 0
  • Weapon Motion Blur- Off
  • World Motion Blur- Off
  • Depth of Field- Off
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency- On+ Boost


  • 3rd Person Camera Movement- 100
  • Ist Person Camera Movement- Wide
  •  Vehicle Field of View- Default
  • 3rd Person Field of View- 80
  • Weapon Field of View- Default
  • ADS Field of View- Affected
  • Field of View- 100

Modern Warfare 2 Graphic Settings For Console (PlayStation or Xbox)

Best Graphics Settings For MW2- For Console

On-Demand Texture Streaming- Off

With this setting, your console may download high-quality textures as needed and broadcast them instantly. In some circumstances, this has an impact on your bandwidth, but it can also seriously harm your performance. So, we advise you to turn it Off.

World & Weapon Motion Blur- Off

The amount of motion blur you perceive around your weapon and the surrounding environment is determined by these parameters. Playing when motion blur is on might occasionally appear a little cinematic, but most players find it challenging to track targets while using it. So, it should be switched Off.

Film Grain- 0

Another cinematic setting that, when used, offers more than a little more grainy and less-than-sharpened appearance on the screen. To maintain a sharp and tidy appearance throughout the game, turn it Off.

Depth Of Field- Off

When something is farther away from your screen, it blurs, making it appear as though your weapon is constantly in focus. In multiplayer games, we advise setting this Off to maintain clear visibility at all ranges even if it looks nice in campaign games.

Field of View- 60 to120

Call of Duty: MW2 is now playable at 120 FOV on Xbox One and PlayStation 3. Many players who felt that 60 FOV was insufficient now have a significant victory. You can choose a value between 60 and 120, and you can even say whether or not you want the same FOV settings for ADS and Non-ADS aim modes.

Fidelityfx Cas- On

This innovative technology has been used by AMD in consoles. This crispness of your game will be further enhanced by turning it On. To change the sharpness level, use a separate slider located under the setting. Activate this setting and play about with the slider to get the ideal setting for your screen.

Fidelityfx Cas Strength- 100

This option needs to be set to 100.

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We provide you with a guide for the best graphic settings for PC as well as the console version of Modern Warfare 2. Now that you have the right knowledge of the finest game settings for performance, you can start playing MW2. Have Fun!

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