Groza Warzone Loadout – Best Attachments for Groza in Warzone

During the season four update of Warzone, there was one weapon that got a lot of love from players. It is Groza. This weapon has some drawbacks like damage range output but with the right Groza warzone loadout, you can actually convert it into a rapier-like weapon.

The Groza is a bullpup assault rifle with excellent handling speed. It is the perfect gun to use in Warzone for close- to mid-range action. There are some gamers who don’t prefer choosing Groza as it lacks damage range. But there’s one thing which is practice. You just need to adjust your playstyle and you’ll definitely see a change in your gameplay. 

Proceeding towards the Groza loadout, we first start with choosing the attachments. If you take a look at the attachments, there are over 40 available options. So, to know more about which attachments are exactly required and are a perfect fit, you should go through the whole tutorial.

Best Groza Warzone Loadout for Deadly Accuracy

You can’t just pick and use Groza, you have to unlock it first. To do so, you have to reach tier 31 in Warzone season one battle pass.

Groza Warzone Loadout Attachments

MuzzleStandard Suppressor
Barrel16.2″ GRU Composite
UnderbarrelBruiser Grip
Ammunition45 Rnd Speed Mag
StockKGB Pad

The reason behind recommending a standard suppressor for Groza is simple. It provides not only sound suppression but also gives faster ads and improves sprint to fire time as well.

The 16.2″ GRU Composite is a perfect fit for barrel attachment for Groza as it boosts bullet velocity and damage range, which is most required.

While equipping a weapon, movement speed is also a key factor. The KGB Pad improves sprint to fire time but slightly reduces hip-fire accuracy. Here Bruiser Grip plays a role. Apart from movement speed, it also gives hip fire and aiming stability. For Ammunition, the 45 Rnd Speed Mag is a good choice to make sure you dominate players and don’t easily run out of ammo.


There’s no doubt that a proper Loadout setup is must before you enter into a match. And talking about the Groza Warzone Loadout, there are many options you can choose from. But this above-mentioned is highly recommended whether you are a beginner or professional player.

Image Credit: Drift0r

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