Best Practices for Ethical Online Gambling

Offering the finest games, bonuses, and prizes isn’t the only aspect of being a competent online gambling operator. It also involves using ethical online gaming practices. Transparency and accountability concerns are widespread in the sector, but they don’t have to be.

Make it a priority to implement ethical gambling rules and best practices for the industry.

Transparency in gaming

Gambling license information

Most licensing authorities demand that you make your gaming license information available on your website. Further, this action displays a dedication to moral online gaming and is a best practice in the sector. It has to be visible at the page’s bottom and provide a link to the licensing authority (when applicable). This proves that your license is valid, unrestricted, and current.

Contact information 

You must also provide the business name, address, and registration number at the bottom of the page. Other vital details like the company email address, phone number, and social media handles must also be provided. It is now transparent who you are and how to reach you. Being anonymous serves to raise suspicions and could be a licensing violation.

Fairness in online gaming


A random number generator is a requirement for several games in online casinos. It generates specific numbers as needed for games that are integrated into the website or app. This RNG is supplied by an outside source and has to be approved. Numerous licensing agencies will need documentation of their certification. This proves that, outside of the usual and legal bounds, your games are impartial and do not favor the house. Being fair to players is a crucial component of online gambling ethics.

Clear procedures for withdrawal and depositĀ 

Users must know how to deposit money and withdraw their winnings. Step-by-step instructions and making withdrawals as simple to carry out as deposits should be your priorities. Be truthful about any costs you charge, and let them know sometimes their bank may impose fees. You must include timelines and the time it takes to process each payment type.

Promotions and bonuses

Gambling websites typically offer bonuses, free spins, cashback, and other incentives. Promotions, contests, and you can find more here. With this, you must be clear and just while also outlining the terms and conditions. Always honor your commitments, and provide players with a channel for questions or grievances as necessary. Finally, be specific about any restrictions, deadlines, and guidelines for games or promotions.


SSL encryption

You must take all reasonable measures to ensure player payments are secure. This entails putting SSL encryption on your site to protect users’ data from theft and misuse. People won’t want to use your website if you don’t take care of your clients, which shows a lack of concern for them. Additionally, if data is leaked, it might land you in trouble and damage your reputation. Protecting customer data is a priority for ethical online gaming firms.

DD and KYC

At the onboarding stage, Know Your Customer and Due Diligence are necessary but not only legally. It also offers protection to both the general public and you. Comprehensive procedures allow you to prevent using your platform for illegal activities like fraud, money laundering, or identity theft. The use of technology that can assist you in being as comprehensive and accurate as possible should be integrated with AML regulations.


You should ensure that an app, API, or even an in-browser platform is safe. Make sure the download is virus-free if users are required to do so. Assure the highest security level for any product you and your gamers use. Requesting two-factor authentication through email or mobile devices, as well as the incorporation of biometric authentication, is a good idea.

Legal issues in gaming

Privacy Policies

Users should be able to see your website’s privacy statement. The policy will detail how you gather data, why, and what you do with it. As a legal document, it must comply with applicable laws. The page should also provide information on the procedure for contacting the company, deletion of information, and the legal name of the organization. An essential component of moral online gaming is respect for customer privacy.

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