Best Sims 4 Loading Screen Mods For You

Did you know that you can get some great customized Sims 4 loading screens? If not, then now is the time for you to get to know and check out some great Sims 4 loading screen mods that you would love to apply to your game. 

How would you like your Sims 4 loading screen to be? A dreamy land with purple fields and sparkling stars? Or maybe a scary dragon that is chasing you out of the dark clouds? You can choose whatever matches your vibe the best. 

Since the loading screen while you play Sims 4 might make you wait for a little longer than usual sometimes, it is better to look at something interesting or something that you won’t mind seeing instead of that common loading screen page in the game, right? This is what the developers also thought of and came up with a range of loading screen mods, a feature that you won’t usually find in every other video game. 

If there is such a feature available in Sims 4, then why not make the best use of it so that the loading screen in the game doesn’t seem too boring to you when you jump into the game? 

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Sims 4 Loading Screen Mods That You Would Love

Here is a list of customizable loading screens that we have brought for you to set as your Sims 4 loading screen, have a look. 

1. Galaxy Loading Screen Mods

This mode comes in colors like blue, pink, sky blue, and purple which are quite fascinating and act as the best thing while you are about to begin a game like Sims 4. So there are 5 sections that you will be having on the screen, out of which one will also be with a Lavender field with a green sky on the top and the other 2 will be pink in color and have a purple Galaxy sky. 

The rest of the 2 sections will be having pink-colored skies and bright stars twinkling all over. This will surely look like a dreamland, like a magical world into which you have entered.

2. Custom colored loading screen mods

Under this screen, you will be having 4 different colored sections. Where each of the colors would be quite vibrant and you will be having the Plumb Bob in the middle of the screen. There are about 24 different kinds of variations that you can try on this screen. This means that you can always choose your own color combination that you would like to be displayed on your screen.

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3. Darker Loading Screens

Well, this one will look a lot like the ordinary scream that you have in your game, but what comes new with this is the unique message that appears on the screen every time when you are waiting for it to load. This message says “Whims are things your Sim wants to do, but you don’t have to”. 

4. My LDScolors Loading Screens 

This one will make your Sims 4 loading screen look like you are on some social media platform. With a color combo with shades like blue, purple, green, and paste along with black and white colors, it sets up a modern vibe on your screen along with saying “myLDScolors”. 

5. Old Loading Screen

Well, this one is exactly your old loading screen on Sims 4 except for the different messages that will display each time you launch the game along with the Plumbob in the middle of the screen. So, if you are not interested in changing the way your loading screen of Sims 4 looks, but also want something new with it, you can go for this option. 

6. Attacking Dragon Loading Screen

If you are fond of dragon video games or you just simply like dragons, then this is going to be the best choice for your loading screen template where you will see a scary dragon in the dark approaching you in a deserted field with shed off trees. It will set up the mood for you before you begin to play your game. 

Wrap Up

These were some of the most interesting Sims 4 loading screen mods that you can try out. Apart from these, you can also go for the loading screen overrides which come with ten different colors and show a suggestive message in the middle of the screen along with the Plumbob. It is time that you get rid of your old and outdated loading screen and make it something that looks interesting.

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