Best Simulation Games PS4

Do you also like to play games that appear realistic, which help you relate to certain aspects of the real world? There are many such games developed over the past years that give you real-life experience. We call such games Simulation games where strategy and skills combine altogether. 

Simulation games are quite popular these days as people prefer the games that can connect them to reality instead of those which take you to an imaginary world where nothing is close to the real world. 

PS4 offers a good collection of simulation games that you can play and experience the real world virtually. However, it is necessary that you carefully look into a game before purchasing it to play or your money might go wasted if the game doesn’t come out as expected. 

If you want to check out some great and best Simulation Games PS4 offers, then you can read further and find them right in this article. 

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Best Simulation Games PS4

Here are some of the PS4 best simulation games containing the taste of reality, that you can go for. 

1. EA Sports UFC

This is sports and fighting PS4 simulator game. The game is based on UFC, that is, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and is a mixed martial art fighting game. 

The players can make the game more realistic by changing the strategies in the middle of the game with the help of the game’s artificial intelligence. There is also a full-body deformation simulation that lets the players connect with their characters. 

2. The Sims 4

This is among the great Ps4 building simulation games. In this game, you can create your own unique sims with different appearances, personalities, as well as emotions, which make the game quite realistic. The Create A Sim tool lets you shape the body of your Sim, you can also choose the style of their walk, their hairstyle, and fashions as well. 

You can design the homes for your Sims with the help of Build Mode. from designing the layout to choosing the furnishings, you control everything in making your dream house.  You can also travel across the world, explore different places and expand your Sim’s social circle. You can visit parks and hang out with your friends.

Everything from the relationships to the careers of your Sims is under your control. The best part of the game is that it is related to your emotions, which makes it one of the best simulation games for PS4.

3. Job Simulator

You play this game from the first person point of view and take part in the mini games under the four different jobs. 

In this game will be four jobs and there will be specific objectives assigned to each of the jobs. It will take you about two to three hours to accomplish these objectives, after which you will get three modes, namely bouncy mode, zero g mode, and the dollhouse mode, that you can add to any job among the four. 

The game is filled with fun and humor, and you will have a great experience while playing it. 

4. Project CARS 2

This is one of the best motorsport racing Simulation games on PS4. the game was released in 2017 and is popular to date. There are about 60 locations in the game and up to 140 different track layouts. You can choose any car from the variety of 189 options available. This diversity of the game makes people fond of it. 

The sounds of the engine, exhaust, tight turns, wheels burning rubbers, and other cars going by, feel more sort of original, and all these things make this game realistic.

5. Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Special Edition

This is a two-player simulation co-op game where two players have to work together and collect resources. 

You are assigned the task of rebuilding the town as well as restoring the lighthouse. To unlock new items and areas, you will need to complete the requests made by the villagers. 

There will occur various festivals, such as the dog racing festival. You also have to learn how you can grow and mutate crops in the fields. You also get married and start a family in the game. 

6. NBA 2K18

Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation video game that you can play on your PS4. The game will let you have the real experience of NBA(National Basketball Association). 

You play the NBA games through the characters that are either real-life or customized as per your requirement. All the rules and regulations in the game are as per the NBA regulations. 

7. Elite: Dangerous

Here is a space flight simulation game for PS4 in which you explore the whole galaxy. You can jump from one star system to the other. You can go across the solar system, from one planet to another. The visuals are so good that you will fall in love with this game. You have to mine, and battle among the asteroids when you fly into the rings of a planet. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the best ever simulation games available on PS4 that you must give a try and we assure you that you will not regret playing any of these. Tell us in the comments which one of these games you liked the most. 

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