7 Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers

You can play online video games with anyone in the world, but playing with your close friend or your favorite person is more enjoyable than playing with others. Right? But have you ever thought that what if your friend is a non-gamer? UMM!! Serious issue. 

But not to worry! Now you are also able to play online games with your non-gamer mate also. How? We have a list of the best games, especially for non-gamers, in which you will not need to learn or practice much. You can learn these games easily in one go.

So, if your friend is new to the gaming world, then here are the best Switch games for his/her.

  • Overcooked
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Splatoon 2
  • Minecraft
  • Night in the Woods
  • Fe
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris

Yeah!! These games are for non-gamers, but it is necessary to take a little knowledge about the games before playing out. Right!! So, let’s make yourself familiar with these games by knowing about gameplay, storyline, and features.

Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers

Top 7 Games that you will gonna love as a non-gamer.

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Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Overcooked

Cooking is a basic that everyone will do somewhere. On the same cooking concept, we have a game “Overcooked”. In this cute couch co-op game, players produce adorable food in amusingly adorable restaurants. It’s a crazy situation in real life. Both flipping yourself off and flipping your dishes are equally likely to happen. But that’s part of the appeal. In Overcooked, having fun with your mistakes is just as important as enjoying your accomplishments. 

So, in my point of view, this is the perfect game for beginners or non-gamers. 

Key Features of Overcooked

  • Fast and Frantic cooking action
  • Play happens on a single-screen
  • Several situations call for various approaches
  • Simple to pick up and learn

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Super Mario Odyssey

Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Super Mario Odyssey

A 3D platformer with open-world exploration features is called Super Mario Odyssey. Playing as the title character Mario, Cappy, a scientist hat, is your new sidekick. Your mission is to once more protect Princess Peach from Browser the wicked. In order to save the princess, utilize incredible new skills, such as the ability to manipulate and capture adversaries, objects, and animals, to gather Power Moons and power up the Odyssey airship. 

As a new gamer, you can give a try to this game also.

Key Features of Super Mario Odyssey

  • Excellent possession mechanic keeps the game interesting
  • Good level variety
  • There are numerous collectibles that promote exploring
  • Cooly incorporates vintage 2D gameplay

Splatoon 2

Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a cooperative third-person 4-on-4 action shooter that takes place in a vibrant universe populated by creatures resembling squids known as inklings. With the Nintendo Switch ™, system, you can now take Turf War Battles with you wherever you go and engage in furious local multiplayer combat using any of the portable play modes of the device. Even cooperate for Salmon Run’s brand-new 4-player co-op fun!

Another best option for non-gamers.

Key Features of Splatoon 2

  • Great multiplayer-level design
  • Highly-accessible team-based gameplay
  • Excellent for short play sessions
  • Really fun co-op mode
  • Family-friendly shootouts


Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Minecraft

The goal of the independent sandbox video game Minecraft is to construct buildings inside a voxel-based environment. Both a survival mode and a free-play build mode are included. Its evolution has lasted a decade, and has ups and downs, for sure, and gives a platform to explore, play and amuse. With time, many updates are made available for Minecraft which include Caves and Cliffs together with blocks.

As it includes simple building block concept gameplay, so it falls under the category of best games for non-gamers.

Key Features of Minecraft

  • Great creativity tool
  • When you have no internet, there is a local multiplayer option
  • Amazing extended community
  • The gameplay remains new because of diverse settings and the randomly created universe

Night In The Woods

Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Night In The Woods

You play as Mae Borowski, in the independent adventure game “Night in the Woods” as she heads home after quitting college. The game depicts a depressing but relevant story of mental illness, financial difficulty, and other struggles in life. But after coming back, things have changed. Her friends are mature and changed, and her home now seems different. The wind is getting chillier as the leaves start to fall. Some strange things started occurring.

The person gets emotionally attached to the game at some point, so in emotions, you can play this game as a beginner,

Key Features of Night in the Woods

  • Simplest gameplay
  • Great coming-of-age story
  • Tragic, realistic setting and NPCs
  • Well-written side characters


Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Fe

Fe is a platforming adventure game. Playing as a creature known as a Fe, your goal is to use music to communicate with the forest and vanquish the robotic monsters, Silent Ones. It does not contain fighting, therefore encounters with the monsters can be quite tense. The Silent ones have the ability to kill you instantly if they spot you. It might be quite exhilarating and tense to hide in a bush or climb a tree.

Not with the concept of fighting with anyone, this is the ideal game for the non-gamers.

Key Features of Fe

  • Discover a world worth exploring
  • Speak the language of the forest
  • Defeat the Silent Ones

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Best Switch Games For Non-Gamers- Puyo Puyo Tetris

“Puyo Puyo” Tetris is a kind of puzzle game that can be played with your friends, who have no idea about gaming. Tetris, Puyo Puyo, or both are played head-to-head by players. Along with single-player story modes, there are also training modes for learning the gamers. From the single-player adventure and challenge levels to the fierce competitiveness of up to the four-player arcade modes, there are many different types of gameplay in Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Last but not least option for non-gamers.

Key Features of Puyo Puyo Tetris

  • Adventure
  • Multiplayer Arcade
  • Versus
  • Swap 
  • Fusion
  • Big Bang
  • Party 
  • Online
  • Puzzle League

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Being a non-gamer, just be ready to experience the gaming universe like a pro gamer with the help of these best switch games. Just pick one of the best games that suit your personality and interest and enjoy it with your friends. I am sure that after the end of these games, you all will feel like a gamer. 

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