Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft 

Minecraft boasts a staggering 126 million+ monthly active players across all platforms. This number has been growing each year since 2011. Minecraft offers a unique gaming experience that allows you to build tools and weapons and defend your world. It also allows you to take on enemies and gives you an eternal thrill.

Enchanting tools in Minecraft are possible. Sword enchantments are indisputable mob killers in Minecraft. Enchantments can also give you enchanted weapons. It’s all about making your life easier in the challenging world of Minecraft. Enchanting your sword is a great way to do that.

You can use almost any weapon in Minecraft. A sword is the most powerful weapon that you can use, however. You have two options: melee attack or prepare your blades for maximum effectiveness during battle to eliminate the mobs. To fight the Mobs, you can also use a fishing rod.

Every Minecraft sword has a breakpoint. For example, a diamond sword can be used in 1562 terms. You can, however, increase the durability of your sword by either repairing it or using enchantment.

This article will show you how to make your sword stronger and more durable with the best Minecraft sword enchantments.

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What are the benefits of Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft ?

A lot is going on in Minecraft, so it’s important to have powerful tools and weapons. Enhancing weapons in Minecraft can increase their longevity and reveal special abilities.

Sword enchantments in Minecraft have the following key benefits:

  • With an Enchanted Sword, the player can defeat large mobs.
  • A magical sword can reduce the chance of your player getting hurt.
  • Additional enchantments can be obtained by using an enchanting sword suitable for certain situations.

What is the Maximum Number of Enchantments a Sword Can Have?

There are no restrictions on how many enchantments you can use on a sword. You can’t combine enchantments on a Minecraft sword because of compatibility.

When an enchantment is applied to a sword, it should be clear what its purpose is. Enchantments are used to enhance the effectiveness and durability of a sword and provide additional benefits.

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The Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft and Their Prerequisites

Let’s begin by explaining how the enchantment system works in Minecraft. Each enchantment can be used to enhance the tools and weapons. In addition, every enchantment poses unique abilities.

To make Minecraft magical, you must build an infrastructure Enchantment Table. A unique material, called “The Material,” will be required. Lapis Lazuli To enchant materials. The type of enchantment and the item being enchanted will determine the amount of Lapis Lazuli required.

To perform an enchantment, you will need experience levels. Experience points can be earned by defeating enemies, crafting, mining, and smelting.

You can increase your experience by surrounding the Enchantment Table with bookshelves. Your experience level will increase the more bookshelves you have.

Once everything is in order, you can start looking for the best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft. They are presented in descending order by max level.

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Bane for Arthropods (Max Level: 5) The Bane sword enchantment will make it easy to kill arthropods mobs from Minecraft.

Bane is a term that causes death, especially by poison. It must be a sign that your enchantment is doing something to upset the opposing arthropods. This could include spiders, centipedes, and scorpions.

This perk allows you to efficiently deal with enemies such as spiders, cave spiders, and endermites. This enchantment can also slow down arthropods depending upon the level of the Bane Of Arthropods, which is useful for dealing with multiple enemies at once.

Each level of this enchantment adds 2.5 damage to the arthropods for each sword. You’ll deal at most 20.5 damage per hit when you reach the highest level of this enchantment. This enchant is essential for combating enemy mobs while exploring caves or beehives.

Smite (Max Level: 5)

Minecraft is more fun when you have both living and non-living characters. If you face a lot of zombies and skeletons, be sure to use the Smite enchantment to win. Smite is a great sword enchantment in Minecraft that increases the hit rate against undead mobs.

The highest level of Smite is 5. Smite’s the highest level is 5. 2.5x 1.25 extra damage Per hit to the undead mobs. Smite, and Bane of Arthropods can be used. Both are mutually exclusive. You can stack the effect. You can have the maximum level Smite on a sword with 8 base damage. Inflict 20.5 damages effortlessly.

Sharpness is preferred for Minecraft players who want balanced swords and high damage-dealing. The Smite enchantment won’t work with Sharpness if they aren’t assembled.

Here is the damage that Smiteenchantment does to different swords.

  • Wooden sword Base damage goes up from 6.5 to 16.5 depending on the smite level.
  • Sword in gold Base damage increases from 6.5 to 16.5 depending on smite levels 1 and 5, respectively
  • Stone sword Base damage increases from 7.5 to 17.5 depending on smite level.
  • Iron sword Damage goes up to 18.5 when you use the max level smite spell.
  • Diamond sword With max level smite, damage can reach up to 19.5
  • Netherite sword Base damage goes up from 10.5 to 20.5 when max Smite has been applied.

Sharpness (Maximum level: 5)

Sharpness is a great Sword Enchantment to increase mele damage. This enchantment reduces the effort needed to defeat any mob that comes your way. Sharpness can be used against any kind of mob.

Sharpness can also apply to Axe, increasing melee damage. Sharpness enchantment in Java adds 0.5 damage, while in the Bedrock Edition, each level of Sharpness enchantment increases damage by 1.25.

Anvil: A player requires an anvil to apply the highest level of Sharpness to any wooden, iron, stone, diamond, or netherite weapon. Enchanting gold weapons can also give you the highest level of Sharpness.

To make Anvil:

  1. Place 4 iron ingots and 3 iron blocks on the 3×3 crafting grid.
  2. Fill the top row of the grid with iron blocks and the bottom row with iron ingots.
  3. Place 1 iron ingot at the center of your grid.

Sharpness applied to swords

  • Swords in wood and gold Base damage can increase from 4 to 7 when Sharpness Level 5 is applied.
  • Stone sword Sharpness increases from 6 to 8.
  • Iron sword Sharpness max level increases damage by 7 to 9.
  • Diamond sword Maxed damage increases by 8-10 points
  • Netherite sword Sharpness is the highest level of damage. It can increase from 9 to 11.

An enchantment guide is required to obtain Sharpness enchantment for your sword. You will also need an enchantment book. Three quantities of Lapis Lazuli Material from mining, crafting and smelting with any fuel. You will get an enchanted book by mining bookshelves.

Once you have found an enchantment, open your crafting table and place the book there. Next, choose Sharpness from the inventory to enchant your sword. You can now reach level 5 in Sharpness.

Looting (Maximum level: 3)

Minecraft world is all about looting, mining, scavenging, and crafting. This will allow you to obtain even more loots to improve your gameplay experience. Looting is essential if you want the best items in Minecraft.

Looting is the equivalent of the Fortune enchantment from Minecraft that can be used on pickaxes or shovels for mining. However, looting enchantment for swords increases the number of drops from killed mobs.

You have only half the chance of getting drops when your sword is used to kill a mob without Looting Enchantment. These loots may be rare or common. This perk can be added to your sword to increase your chances of getting rare loots.

Looting an enchantment increases the number of items available for most common drops by one per level. If the first drop falls, the chances of an uncommon drop increase. The success probability of the second attempt at dropping is level/( level + 1), which is 3/4

  • Looting doesn’t affect mobs that have no drops like bats or endermites.
  • The fish mobs also do not allow more fish to be dropped by looting.
  • The amount of wool that sheep drop does not change because of how they are dressed.

How do I get Max Looting Enchantment?

You must first have the Looting Enchantment for your blade. It is a good idea to have books in your inventory to use this enchantment. Combining the books and Looting enchantment with them will give you Looting III.

Set up a farm for a villager to get the Looting III perk.

Unbreaking (Max Level: 3)

Minecraft weapons, armors, and tools have a certain degree of durability. The breakpoint of an item can be reached if it is overused. You can repair most items in the game.

Most swords can be repaired, except Netherite swords. After the nether update, Netherite swords have the greatest attack damage and are the most powerful in the game. You must be careful with how you use it, and preferably, in an economical way.

This reduces the likelihood of your sword’s durability being diminished by unbreaking enchantment. It increases the sword’s durability. Unbreaking Enchants sound like Mending. However, unlike Mending, Unbreaking Enchants will not use your earned experience points to increase the weapon’s durability.

Unbreaking is one of the best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft that you should have. This enchantment is essential if you want your swords last long in the competitive Minecraft world.

Unbreaking can reduce the likelihood of a broken weapon, but it will not make any weapon everlasting. Unbreaking can be used on armors, weapons, and fishing rods.

This enchantment will increase the average level of tools and make them last longer. This enchantment is not compatible with other enchantments, so it won’t work well together.

To obtain Unbreaking enchantment for your sword:

  • It will be necessary to locate an enchanted book that can use as a fishing rod for fishing.
  • This information can be found in a chest.
  • You can start a villager trading business and keep breaking and changing your lectern. You can repeat this process until you achieve the desired enchantment.

Sweeping Edge (Max Level: 3)

It is possible to go on a difficult map with many enemies and need all your help. You only have one chance to win on such maps. If you die, you die, game over. There is no way to respawn.

It is best to be able to kill a row of enemies in just 4-5 swipes using a Netherite sword.

If you are having trouble, you only need to use this perk 2-3 times to slash multiple enemies. This is a great enchantment that will help you beat any challenge in Minecraft. Because of its wide range of effects, Sweeping Edgequickly is a great enchantment for a sword in Minecraft.

The in-game situation will determine the effectiveness of the sweeping edge. This enchantment increases the damage dealt with mobs by each hit by 50%, 67%, and 75%, respectively, compared to the regular sword’s attack damages for all three levels.

The sword’s effect will not affect enemies that didn’t get a direct hit. Sweeping edge enchantment can only be found in the Java version of Minecraft.

This enchantment works well if your player uses weak sweep attacks, which take longer to do enough damage. The highest level for a sweeping edge is 3.

Fire Aspect (Max level: 2)

Fire Aspect is another excellent enchantment that Minecraft’s best use. This enchantment gives a boost to your sword’s damage and sets enemies on fire, creating chaos and rendering them disoriented. It makes it easier to defeat them. This perk is not able to be used against enemy mobs, but it can be used for player vs. participant battles.

The Fire Aspect enchantment increases fire ticks to 80 (for 4 seconds of burning) per level. This enchantment can be placed on the sword to deal three and seven damage, respectively, depending on whether the target is using level I or II.

This perk also forces mobs to drop cooked meat. If a mob is known to drop meat after being killed, it will drop cooked meats with Fire aspects. The fire aspect will not affect a mob that is in water.

Fire aspect enchantment increases the damage and gives you an advantage over others, and allows you to collect ready-to-eat food. You can light candles and campfires and ignite TNT blocks with a sword that has the fire aspect perk. Be aware that you may accidentally equip your opponent with Fire aspect swords.

Knockback (Max Level: 2)

As it stands now, Knockback helps keep a significant distance between you, enemy mobs, and yourself. Minecraft is a game where you can’t predict when you might need to make contact with your enemies.

Knockback is a situation-specific spell, but you should definitely add it to your perks. Although you won’t use this perk very often, it can help to avoid enemies.

Knockback increases the sword’s knockback ability. This ability is ideal for making it possible for your player to survive in the face of hordes of zombies.

Every level of Knockback Enchantment increases 3 blocks, starting at the base knockback. It can add six blocks without commands.

Knockback can increase attack speed by 1.6 and damage by seven when used at the highest level. You can also use Punch to add Knockback to your bow.

Curse of Vanishing (Max Level: 1)

Curse of Vanishing, a powerful sword enchantment in Minecraft, is a must-have. It’s not about increasing your sword’s damage but rather protecting your loots during player vs. participant battles.

This perk will prevent you from losing a battle or getting killed by another player. Your essential loots are safe, even if you decide to go into the battleground. Make sure you have used the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment. This is a great way to avoid expensive death.

This enchantment can be used with swords as well as a variety of other items, such as defense, attack, and direction items.

The items won’t disappear if they are dropped manually or left on your chest before death. This enchantment can be used up to a maximum level of 1.

Curse of Vanishing won’t help you if you’re playing difficult single-player difficulty.


Mending is another important sword enchantment that Minecraft offers to increase the longevity of items by using experience points. This enchantment restores persistence using XP orbs. Those with XPs farms have the ability to repair items that have this enchantment.

Mending can be applied to swords or other items with durability elements. Each level of experience in the orb will affect how fast repairs can be made. The experience in the orb that was left is added to the player’s total experience during restoration.

Items that have not been damaged or completely repaired are not eligible for Mending. Mending, unlike other treasure enchantments, is a treasure enchantment that can be obtained from chest loot or raids, fishing, trading, or trading.

What are the best Minecraft sword enchantments for you?

To have the best-enchanted diamond sword in Minecraft, you would need to use Sharpness V, Looting III, and Mending, Unbreaking III.


The Minecraft craze is growing day by day, and there are always new patches and updates to the game. This list of the best Minecraft sword enchantments will be constantly updated.

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