Connect Google Maps to Cars Bluetooth

Are you facing any difficulty while connecting Google Maps with your Car’s Bluetooth? Don’t worry! We will help you out by providing you with an easy step-by-step guide to connect Google Maps with your Car’s Bluetooth.

Google Maps can enhance your navigating experience whether you are driving a car or just walking through the streets. When you connect Google Maps with your car, you can enjoy a hands-free navigating experience while driving. You will get updates on the real-time traffic. This will make your journey more exciting and convenient.

In order to connect Google Maps with your Car’s Bluetooth, you need to first check your car’s and device’s compatibility. Then by following some instructions mentioned in this article, you can enjoy a seamless and hands-free navigating experience.

How To Connect Google Maps To Cars Bluetooth?

Google Maps provides real-time traffic updates and suggests easy routes to reach your destination. It helps you to save your time by providing accurate directions. You will also get information about public transport, local businesses, restaurants, gas stations, etc. 

Google Maps also has a voice-guided navigation feature, which makes it easy for you to get accurate navigation while driving. To get the benefits of this feature, you have to connect Google Maps to your car. Follow the below instructions to connect Google Maps with your Car’s Bluetooth:

  1. Turn On Bluetooth

The first thing you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your car as well as your smartphone. Make sure the car’s Bluetooth visibility is turned on for nearby devices.

  1. Connect Car’s Bluetooth with Smartphone

Start the process of pairing devices, and check for the car’s Bluetooth name. Confirm on both phone and car to set up a connection.

  1. Open Google Maps

Once your device is paired with the car’s system successfully, open Google Maps on your smartphone. 

  1. Enable navigation

Navigate to your profile icon on the app. Go to the settings and enable navigation driving notifications.

Your device is now connected to your car’s Bluetooth. You can enjoy hands-free navigation and level up your driving experience.

How To Use Google Maps In A Car?

Now you know how to connect Google Maps with your car. But what about how to use Google Maps on your car’s screen? So to learn that, you need to follow the below instructions on how you can use Google Maps in your car.

  1. Connect your phone with your Car’s Bluetooth.
  1. Enable the Apple Car Play or Android Auto on your car’s system.
  1. Open Google Maps on your phone and it will automatically launch on your Car’s system.
  1. Use the voice command feature to enter your destination.
  1. Follow the route and end the navigation once you reach your destination.
  1. You can also switch between 2D or 3D views. 

With these easy steps, you can take the benefits of Google Maps traffic updates and directions on your car’s system. You can use the voice command feature so that you can focus more on your driving.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Google Maps Have A Driving Mode?

Yes, Google Maps has a driving mode that gives you accurate directions and real-time traffic updates to level up your driving experience.

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an app that connects your Android device with your car. You can access features like hands-free calls, music, and other things on your Car’s screen. 


In this tech-driven world, everyone relies on technology for their day-to-day lives. One such powerful tool is Google Maps which helps you to reach your destinations easily. When you connect Google Maps with your car, you can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free navigation experience. With the help of the instructions outlined in this article, you can easily connect Google Maps to your Car’s Bluetooth.

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