Cryptocurrency Swaps 

Today, among 7,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, try new cryptocurrencies, and get passionate about new projects. With some cryptocurrencies, you can do the same thing you’ve done before use US dollars to buy them.

Exchanging one cryptocurrency for another one is an alternative to buying it with US dollars. It is also different from trading where you are limited to the spot price offered by the exchange and sometimes to the pairs provided by a particular crypto exchange.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency conversion can be done using any cryptocurrency of your choice. Perhaps you have bought KAVA but are interested in investing in Cosmos crypto, which you can’t find on an exchange converting KAVA to ATOM on Godex would be one of the best options.

The ability to convert cryptocurrency is the main advantage of most exchanges. ‍Crypto exchange works almost like a stock one, but only with cryptocurrencies. It is designed to trade crypto assets on an ongoing basis, and exchange is just one of its functions. All the possibilities of exchanges are usually used by traders who are not afraid to delve into the subtleties of the crypto world. Crypto exchange services, on the other hand, are created exclusively for the purpose of conversion.

Cryptocurrency swapping in both types of platforms is organized similarly. The difference will be very noticeable in the interface. On the main page of an exchange service, you will find two small windows, and on an exchange, you will find dozens of tabs for trading with the use of credit funds, mining, staking, cooperation on affiliate programs, and many more.

In most cases, the platforms require you to pass identity verification. However, there are exchange services like Godex where this is not requested. The service does not store user funds at all but transfers them immediately. On the main page, you will see the Godex converter with the menu to select a crypto pair and an amount, enter a wallet address to receive coins after the exchange, and an address to send the deposit to the service, and within 15-30 minutes you get the desired coins to the specified wallet.

The key reasons to swap cryptocurrency are the following:

Why You Should Diversify


One of the main reasons why people choose to exchange cryptocurrency is to make a profit. Since the market is incredibly volatile, then, for example, the IOTEX vs IOTA detailed comparison and effectively predicted market conditions will help you make a profitable IOTEX to IOTA conversion or vice versa depending upon which price is about to drop or skyrocket.

‍Diversification of the portfolio

It’s not wise to keep your all the eggs in one same basket. Smart, Investors spread their savings or wealth across various portfolio, this is also the case with cryptocurrencies. Swapping allows you to diversify your portfolio. You should diversifying to avoid sudden drop in the price of the cryptocurrency you own.

Staking and passive income

Staking is a way to anchor your cryptocurrency to the blockchain so that the network uses it to verify transactions and provide security. In return, you receive interest income.


Cryptocurrencies have the potential to rise in value, and many people use them as an investment tool. They can exchange their cryptocurrency for another, more stable coin to protect their investment from exchange rate fluctuations.

Overall, cryptocurrency swaps can have certain benefits, but they can also come with certain thrills. You should carefully consider all of your options and assess risks before deciding to exchange cryptocurrency.

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