Dark Comedy Movie: Banshees Of Inisherin Explained! 

Let’s have a deep insight look at the best dark comedy movie of 2022- “Banshees Of Inisherin” which has won over 85+ awards and the nomination list has crossed two centuries already in award shows. This masterpiece movie has created a great mark in people’s hearts, and you must be curious now what’s so special about this ‘Banshees Of Inisherin’ movie! 

 The movie was written as well as directed by Martin McDonagh, highlighting the Irish Civil War. We all know the war concept movies are quite boring and people show much less interest in them. But to make this movie interesting, the concept of this movie was changed to dark comedy and because of this, you might be forced to think like those characters as well as start comparing yourselves with them. 

 So, now the time has come to reveal the deep secret of this film’s dark comedy humor. Prepare yourself to jump into today’s article to know the story of Banshees Of Inisherin explained!

What Happened In The Banshees Of Inisherin?

The movie “Banshees Of Inisherin” is considered to be a G.O.A.T. movie by Martin McDonagh. In this movie, you will explore the complicated layers of characters by admiring the knotty relationships. The main storyline of this movie is based on the breakup of a relationship. 

The movie starts by showing the images of the year 1923 {Featuring the Irish Civil War Period} reflecting the conflicts between two friends- ‘Colm Doherty’ and ‘Pandraic Suilleabhain’ via metaphor. Later in the movie, we get to see a fight between these two friends. It is shown in the movie that both of them do not have anything special to do, but they want to go to see the Irish Civil War going on near their area. They both want to enjoy it as an event.

But one day a rift occurs between the two best friends and they part ways, causing Pandraic to feel isolated. As soon as Pandraic sees his new partner – ‘Dominic Kearney’, he starts spending time with him but, Dominic is a strange man who is searching for a lover, desperately. Both shared their disappointments, shared their pain.

 Now here comes the most interesting character of the movie, ‘Siobhan Suilleabhain’ who is Padraic’s sister. She is also looking for the love of her life but never lets people know about her desperation. Now all it takes is a moment to bring together those whose life stories match each other. 

Something similar happens with Colm because he is the only person who can understand Siobhan’s pain. People see her as a very sensitive and intelligent girl, but people do not know that she is spending time hiding the pain of not being able to find a loving partner.

Despite being a popular and demanding person in his area, Colm considers himself nothing more than an outsider. He doesn’t want to live with Pandraic anymore, he wants to create his own identity and be remembered by it for years and it is completely built on the spark to fulfill this desire.

 This story continues further and the surprising thing is that in this movie the character does not die as was predicted at the beginning of the movie. If anyone dies, it is Dominic, who is found dead one morning along with his donkey.

What Happens At The End Of The Banshees of Inisherin?

People used to say that never hold grudges in life but never have misunderstandings in your life. This applies here! Why? The friendship bond here in this movie ends strategically just because they feel bored.

And what’s even more surprising is that they were so angry at each other that they were willing to hurt themselves just to stay away. Both of them part ways without saying anything to each other because they understand that their paths will never meet again and nothing will be done if they harm themselves.


In the end, we hope that you might know and read about the movie Banshees Of Inisherin has been explained, and also about its dark comedy humor. Since the movie is mind-boggling, we must suggest you have a look at this great movie to solve the latering mysteries of the characters and their life. 


Q1. Why did Colm cut his fingers in the movie?

Ans. The friendship between Pandraic and Colm has faded away. Colm suggests Pandraic to end their friendship as nothing has been left in their bond and so, to make this decision bold he tells Pandraic that Colm would cut his fingers one by one if he kept trying to talk to him. 

Q2. Whose death prediction was talked about at the beginning of the movie?

Ans. The most amazing thing about this movie is that no lead character dies in this movie, but to prove the prediction correct, Dominic is seen killed along with his donkey one morning in the movie. Due to this the death prediction becomes correct.

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