dbd error code 502 fixed

It is very frustrating and confusing at the same time to encounter some errors while enjoying your favorite games. If you want to fix DBD Error Code 502, then you must read this article.

Dead By Daylight (DBD) is actually a horror and thriller game where you need to protect yourself and your co-players from killers. You may face some common issues while playing the game, like server-related issues, network issues, or while the site is under maintenance.

However, these issues are temporary and can be fixed using the easy steps or methods underlined in the article.

Why Am I Seeing Error Code 502 On Dead By Daylight?

We understand that you are desperate to fix the error, but before that, you must know why you are facing this issue. So basically, Error Code 502 is a very common error that may occur due to a bad gateway, an invalid response from the server, or a Proxy error.

The DBD Error Code 502 means that there is an error while establishing a connection between your device and the game servers. That is when the error code is triggered to warn you. There are numerous reasons for that, like a bad internet connection, a server issue, maintenance, or corrupted game files. 

How Can I Fix DBD Error Code 502?

If there is an issue with the game servers or within your device, then it may trigger Error Code 502. The issue is often temporary, and sometimes it may resolve automatically. But there are certain steps that can be used to fix the error as soon as possible.

You should follow the below methods to fix the error code 502 On Dead By Daylight:

  1. Restart The Game

The first thing you must try to opt for whenever you face any issue is to close the game and then restart it. Check if the issue is resolved or not.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

To play the game, you must have a strong internet connection. The game will not run properly if you have weak internet connectivity.

  1. Disable Firewall

Firewalls and antivirus are important to protect your privacy, but sometimes they may restrict you from playing the game seamlessly. You can try disabling the firewall temporarily on your device.

  1. Verify Game Files

If you have downloaded the game from Steam, then you need to verify the game files’ integrity. Go to the library on Steam and verify the game. It will automatically check if the file is corrupted and replace it as per the requirement.

  1. Update The Game

You may encounter this issue if you are using an outdated version of the game. So try to uninstall the game and clear all the cache files. You must download the updated version and reinstall the game on your device.

  1. Contact Support

At last, if none of the above methods work, then you can contact the support team of Dead By Daylight. You may address your issue, and they will surely do their level best to provide you with the best possible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dead By Daylight Available On Steam?

Steam, being a very popular gaming website, has almost all your favorite games, including Dead By Daylight. 

Can I Play Dead By Daylight On PC?

Yes, you can play Dead By Daylight on your PC through different platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store.


DBD Error Code 502 is a temporary issue and can be fixed using simple methods such as restarting the game, reinstalling it, or contacting the support team of Dead By Daylight. We hope this article will be helpful to you in fixing this error code and continuing to enjoy the thriller gaming experience.

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