Destiny 2 Crossplay Voice Chat Not Working

As you all know how the voice chat option is important for players in online gaming. Like Pubg, there are so many games that have voice chat features. One of these is Destiny 2. however many people recently complained about their Destiny 2 crossplay voice chat not working.

The voice chat feature has attracted so many players to their game. The voice chat option must be considered the most interesting feature in games as it allows you to chat with your teammates online through your voice notes.

Have you ever played Destiny 2? Is there a voice chat option available in Destiny 2? If you don’t know, then I will tell you that, the Voice chat feature is available but it’s not working for Destiny 2, which would annoy so many players while playing this game. 

Many players have asked, “Why Voice Chat is not working for Destiny 2”? “What are its reasons”? To know all the info you need about the Destiny 2 Crossplay, you may read further this article. Voice Chat option not working here. 

Destiny 2 Crossplay Voice Chat Not Working

CrossPlay Voice Chat option is just enabled in a new update for Destiny 2 by Bungie. However, several players have complained that in-game audio chat does not function when they join a fireteam. If you too are going through the same trouble, don’t worry. We give you some useful steps to fix this voice chat problem.

Steps To Fix Destiny 2 CrossPlay Voice Chat Not Working?

These are some important steps that you have to do if you want to fix the voice chat option for Destiny 2

  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting
  • Check The Voice Chat Settings
  • Make sure that you have right Privacy Settings On Stadia Or Windows 10
  • Update Your Audio Driver
  • Reset Your Audio Settings (console)
  • Check Your Sound Settings (PC)
  • Restart Windows Audio Service

How To Fix Destiny 2 CrossPlay Voice Chat Not Working? Complete Guide

Move down the list until you find the one step that actually fixes your issue; you might not need to try them all. In order to perform these steps, we here give you a complete procedure for each one of them.

Perform Basic Troubleshooting

If you ever face a voice chat problem in Destiny 2, then firstly you should check the following:

  • Verify that your speaker and headphone connections don’t have any loose cords or wires. Make sure that all of the connections and cables are made correctly.
  • To test if it helps, unplug and replug your speakers or headphones.
  • Make sure your device’s microphone switch is turned on.

Check the Voice Chat Settings

Some users noticed that the voice chat option seemed to transfer from console clients to steam. You can also face voice chat problems if you are logged in to the game using steam and disabled the voice chat function.

These 3 steps could be taken to fix this type of issue-

  • To access Destiny 2, use Steam
  • Voice Chat should then be enabled by choosing sound from the settings menu
  • Before reinstalling the game on your console, log out of your PC.

Check The Privacy Settings For Windows 10 Or Stadia

Destiny 2 needs to access your microphone, so you have to take care that your privacy settings are set up properly on Stadia or Windows 10. This is how:


  • Go to the Stadia Settings Page
  • Choose Privacy
  • Make sure Private is not selected under “ Who is able to invite you to parties and voice chat”.

Windows 10

  • Close Destiny 2 thoroughly if it is available
  • To launch Windows settings, simultaneously hit the Window logo key and I on your keyboard
  • Next, select Privacy
  • Choose Microphone from the left panel
  • Make sure that you have turned on the Switch that allows the programs to access your microphone. If it is not activating, just click the change symbol up top to turn it on.
  • Scroll through the list of programmes under the option to find Destiny 2. Make sure the switch ON is also turned on.
  • Check the in-game voice chat again to see if it is still functional.

Update Your Audio Driver

If your voice chat is not functioning, it’s possible that your audio driver is outdated or broken. You need to fix it. You have two options for updating your audio driver: manually or automatically.

  • Update your audio driver manually: You can find the most recent, accurate driver by going directly to the headset’s manufacturer’s website.
  • Update your audio driver automatically: You can also opt for the automatic update of your audio driver which can be achieved with the help of Drive Easy which will do the job for you, thus, you will not have to waste your time doing it yourself or first learning the technical method to do that.

Reset Your Audio Settings (console)

You can also fix your crossplay voice chat problem by resetting your audio settings.

PS4 or PS5

Hold the square button down to restore the default in-game sound settings.


On the sound settings of game from the screen, you have to click the “reset to default” button which is located in the right side of the bottom. The voice chat feature of Destiny 2 is now available for testing. 

Continue to the next strategy if this one is unsuccessful.

Check Your Sound Settings (PC)

Using voice chat in Destiny 2 may be problematic if your device has been unintentionally muted or silenced. To fix this, do the below steps:

  • Right-click the speakers on your taskbar and choose Open volume mixer.
  • Your device’s volume control will be visible. Verify that none of them are on silent.
  • Once more, right-click the Speakers icon and choose sounds
  • Choose the preferred headphones, then click set default after selecting the playback tab.
  •  Go to the Recording tab, choose the desired microphone, and press set to default.
  • To save changes, click OK.

Restart Window’s Audio Service

Following are these steps to restart the service of window’s audio:

  • To access the Run Dialog Box, you have to press the Windows Key and R from your keyboard together. Then click OK after typing services.MSc.
  • Find Windows Audio by moving down the services list in the pop-up window. Then choose restart from the menu by performing a right-click on it.
  • Check to see whether your microphone is now operational.
  • If your microphone isn’t working, click the window’s audio in the context menu and choose properties.
  • In the audio settings panel on Windows, you have to make sure that the startup type is selected to Automatic and modify the settings to Automatic if it hasn’t already been done.


All these steps have been prepared for you to solve your problem if you are one of those people whose Voice Chat feature is not working properly for Destiny 2. If your problem is solved by taking just one step, that’s great for you, but if that particular solution doesn’t work for you, go on to the next one. You can attempt every solution until your problem is not get solved.

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