Does Control Have New Game Plus?

Who’s your favorite character having a great Telekinetic ability? Are Wanda and Eleven on that list? Well, they are in mine. But there is another game character you must also add to that. Control is an amazing action-adventure game that presents the character possessing some amazing telekinesis. FBC’s new Director, Jesse Faden, is a phenomenal character and her duty is to lead the department to defeat an insanely dangerous enemy, Hiss, with of course some other significant objectives. 

The game is so addictive that playing it just once won’t satisfy you. The action involves some unique combat skills, and a terrific adventure and the very amazing storyline attracts gamers in every sense. This evokes the question if Control has the New Game Plus, then we apologize to let your excitement and hopes down. 

No, Control does not have the New Game Plus. You can’t experience all those amazing moments while retaining your achievements of unlocked items etc from the first game. 

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Does Control Have New Game Plus?

When Oscar Wilde said “The Truth is rarely pure and never simple”, he was obviously not referring to the game but we surely can. The Federal Bureau of Control or FBC as mentioned a lot is a secret agency of the US government with the ultimate task to control what violates the rules of life and the laws of reality.

Jesse Faden, the newly appointed Director of the Bureau must defeat their greatest enemy, Hiss, with her special skills and abilities. The player gets these abilities by coming in contact with objects from other dimensions. 

The game has various elements that carry you away from the truth of reality and amazes you in every aspect. The game is so engrossing that you would never want to stop playing it.

But unfortunately, the game does not yet possess the New Game Plus. New Game Plus allows the players to replay the game but the player still keeps the unlocked items or skills from the first gameplay. This makes the game both exciting and sometimes the games even increase the difficulty level by providing more challenging situations. 

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But this feature is not available to the Control players and to play the game again, they must start from the beginning. Although to compensate a little, the game does have a Photo Mode where the currently playing game scene stops or we can say freezes and it allows the player to freely move around and explore the area with a free camera.

You can also unlock some more ability points by finding all the Hidden Rooms in the game after you are finished and also look for some more exciting hidden outfits

 This will let you perform some more quests and enjoy the game for a little longer time but the game does not have New Game Plus and this is disappointing for many game lovers. 

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Does Control Have New Game Plus?- FAQs

Can you keep playing Control after you beat it?

Yes, You can play Control even after you have completed it. You can finish all the side quests remaining or perform tasks to collect more trophies or game achievements. 

Where can I play Control?

Control is available on platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. 

Wrap Up

Control is a captivating game with a unique storyline and interesting gameplay. The game plays with your brain till the end but also keeps you engrossed. Playing the game just once is never enough for the players and they would surely want to come back for more. However, the game does not yet have the New Game Plus and the creators don’t seem to be in the mood to bring up this mode, but we still hope they do. 

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