Does Elden Ring Have New Game Plus?

Elden Ring is very popular among gamers due to the role-playing elements added to the action and adventure. The player character in the game sets out on a journey to become the Elden Lord and repair the Elden Ring. This open-world game has a lot for you to explore and interact with the various non-playing characters and the characters become an important part of your life. 

The game has amazing adventure elements and playing and completing it once will not end the relationship between the players and the game. As they say, one of the worst parts of the game is that it ends. So after becoming the Elden Lord once, if you still feel the need to start the gameplay all again, then you can surely do that. 

Yes, Elden Ring has the New Game Plus mode that lets the player replay the game again while keeping all your already unlocked items in your first gameplay. This new mode provides the player with more adventure, more thrill, and more challenges. 

Does Elden Ring Have New Game Plus?

In Elden Ring, the player can choose the desired character class and it will determine various aspects of the player’s character in the game. The player journeys to the Lands Between and engages in combats with the enemy bosses ranging from least difficult to deadly. The magical journey also consists of spells for the player that would be a great help during combat with the bosses as they will enhance the powers of the weapons the player is using. The player needs to memorize these spells but there is a limit to it.

However, if they obtain the memory stones, the important items, throughout the game then they can increase the memory slots and then, increase the number of spells they can memorize. 

There are many such exciting features in the game and this also enhances the game’s replayability. This is something that even the game developers understand and maybe that’s the reason that provided the New Game Plus mode for Elden Ring. With the New Game Plus, the players can start and play the game all over again and still retain what they earned in the previous gameplay.

This mode can also unlock various items that were not present during the first gameplay. What makes the new game plus mode more exciting and challenging is that the enemy bosses become difficult to defeat. The more you play the new game plus, the more will the enemy bosses’ power gets enhanced. 

In the New Game Plus mode, you can carry with you the armor, the weapons, the memory stones, and incantations. You can also retain the already unlocked Gestures, the Talismans, cookbooks, and even the crystal tears and ashes. However, what does not accompany you to the next journey includes the Runes that the bosses rewarded you in the previous game. You will also need to collect both halves of the medallion again to complete the quests.

All the progress you made with the NPCs’ side quests or the main quests will also be gone. But, the number of runes collected after defeating the enemy bosses will increase in the New Game Plus and this gives you another reason to continue this amazing gameplay. 

Does Elden Ring Have New Game Plus?- FAQs

How many times can you do New Game Plus Elden Ring?

The New Game Plus mode allows the player to replay their favorite game again and Elden Ring can be played again through this mode about Seven times. Your 7th Journey will be your last in the game. 

Is there anything new in Elden Ring New Game Plus?

The New Game Plus Elden Ring enhances the difficulty level and challenges but it does not introduce any new enemy bosses or items. The characters and key items are all similar to the first gameplay. 

Wrap Up

With the New Game Plus mode of Elden Ring, the players can replay this awesome and magical adventure while keeping unlocked items and others. The game doesn’t get boring as the bosses get more powerful and this brings to you a more challenging experience. Try the New Game Plus Elden Ring and have fun all over again.  

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