Does Far Cry New Dawn Have New Game Plus?

This First Person Shooter has a lot of action and a huge open world for the players to explore in the Post Apocalyptic land of Montana. Yes, we are talking about Far Cry. It is a fight for survival with those who are ready to take control over what remains in this devastated land. Play as the new security captain and try your best to survive and fight against the unruly Highway men and their rowdy gangs. Show your best skills with guns and your management and leadership skills with the other survivors. 

This game enhances the excitement as it provides you with something new rather than the same fantasy adventure games. Due to this, after playing it once, the players desire to relive those exciting moments again and explore the fascinating open world with even more enthusiasm. However, you will be disappointed to know that you won’t be able to do that in this game. 

No, Far Cry New Dawn does not have the New Game Plus. If you want to play it all again then you can start the New Game but you won’t retain anything you got from the first game. 

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Does Far Cry New Dawn Have New Game Plus?

Hope County, Montana, is completely devastated and collapsed after a nuclear exchange and everything has been destroyed. The few survivors left are on a mission to rebuild all that they lost. On their Journey to ensure survival, they also need to stand up against the unruly Highwaymen who have eyes on the last resources left for their survival.

The player character is a fully customizable security leader who must lead all the survivors against the fight with the Highwaymen. The player is allowed to recruit various animals and human survivors that will help the player in many ways including providing assistance during combat missions. 

The game also presents some brand-new weapons that can be upgraded through customization and crafting and so do the vehicles. However, the game does not let you enjoy and explore this amazing gameplay again while retaining your unlocked items and skills from the previously played game.

You can play the game again as any other game by going to the new game option, but you will lose everything you earned from the first gameplay. We can hope that the game developers soon add the New Game Plus mode for this fantastic role-playing action but for the time being, it isn’t there. 

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Does Far Cry New Dawn Have New Game Plus?- FAQs

Does Far Cry 6 have New Game Plus?

No, even the Far Cry 6 does not have the New Game Plus. If you want to play the game again, you will have to start from the beginning but you will lose all your earnings. 

Which Far Cry game has the New Game Plus?

Far Cry 5 has the New Game Plus mode that everyone was wishing for. With the New Game Plus mode in Far Cry 5, the players can keep the weapons and a few items and experiences that they earned in the previous game and explore the game world all over again. 

Where can I play Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn is available for players on Microsoft Windows, Stadia, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, there is no New Game Plus mode for this game yet. 

Wrap Up

Far Cry New Dawn is an incredible shooter game with survival at stake. In an already devastated world, the player takes on the role to ensure the survival of those who are left. We provided you with information if Far Cry New Dawn has the New Game Plus and what other series editions possess this mode. The game is a complete package of all exciting genres so enjoy it and we do hope that the game will soon add the New Game Plus mode. 

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