Does God Of War Have New Game Plus?

God of War has a great depiction of Norse Mythology and Olympian Gods in almost all the series editions. Fantasy adventure games with ancient mythology have gotten some significant appreciation all over the world and are a reason leading to the God of War video game’s popularity. The game has everything an action lover desires and thus, is a great addition to gamers. 

The New Game Plus mode is a feature in many new action adventure games and it allows the players to play all the adventure again with their upgrades saved. It means that you can play the game again with probably some additional new features and some changes but the upgrades, weapons, and armor are all saved since your previous play. 

Yes, God of War has the New Game Plus mode for you to experience and enjoy all those great adventures again. 

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Does God Of War Have New Game Plus?

An awesome depiction of Norse Mythology in an action-adventure masterpiece, God of War takes the protagonist, Kratos, and his son Atreus on a journey to prevent Ragnarok. The journey is full of obstacles and they must survive.

The magnificent characters of the game, the grand world of Olympian Gods, the fierce combat, and the marvelous adventure created an unforgettable and awesome piece of work. If you are too fond of the game and its gameplay and playing it once is not enough for you and you crave more, then the developers have given you this opportunity too.

God of War is available for you to experience the delight again with the new game plus mode. This mode lets the players relive the exciting and thrilling adventure of the characters while still possessing what they earned and unlocked in the previous game.

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You can keep your armor, skills, enchantments, weapons, etc, and start the journey again with new enthusiasm. You can even choose the difficulty level and the enemy fights will vary accordingly. It also provides you with some new customization and armor options for the character. 

Not just this, there is also a change in the attacking patterns of various enemies which will both surprise and excite you. The player will also be able to craft more powerful armor through resources known as Skap Slag. Use it to create the perfect armor for the characters.

A variety of Shield Skins is also available in the new game plus mode. The new Timed Realm Tears will provide you with challenges you never faced before. New Game Plus mode is everything you require after finishing God of War once. 

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Does God Of War Have New Game Plus?- FAQs

Is New Game Plus harder than God of War?

The New Game Plus mode does provide you with more challenging gameplay as the enemies’ level will increase if you increase the difficulty mode. Also, some enemies have changed attacking patterns. The Timed Realm Tears are also challenging. 

How many times can you play New Game Plus God of War?

Once you have completed the game, you can restart the game with the New Game Plus as many times as you desire with your already earned or unlocked armor, weapons, or skills. 

Does God of War keep everything in New Game Plus?

When you restart your journey again with the New Game Plus, you will still possess what you earned or unlocked from the previous game. The players can keep their armor, skills, accessories, etc when they relive the magic again with the new game plus. 

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Wrap Up

If you enjoyed the amazing adventure of Kratos and Atreus and want to relive the excitement again then the game provides you with the New Game Plus mode you can use. This mode will let you play the game all over again and you won’t lose what you earned during the first game. If this makes you excited then don’t waste any more time and enjoy the thrill, again.

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