Does H1Z1 Have Crossplay? H1Z1 Cross-Platform Xbox and PS4

H1Z1 is a very popular Battle Royal Game, developed by Day Break Company. This game is also known as Z1 Battle Ground and King of the Kill. It is the first royale Battle Game on the market. It is a free-to-play multiplayer fun game.

H1Z1 Crossplay 2022

The Rising demand for the cross-platform is increasing rapidly in the market. Due to this, many game developers whose games do not support cross-platform features, are also trying very hard to bring this feature into their game. 

Most of the games on the market, which people prefer to play, are cross-platform. But there are still some games that don’t support this feature which is considered a drawback of their games.

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Today we are talking about the H1Z1 crossplay. Does Z1 Battle Ground support a cross-platform feature? Is it a Partial Cross-Platform? Is it Cross-Generation? The short answer is “NO”. 

Many players demand to make this game cross-platform. Will this game become cross-platform in the future? To know more about it, you need to go through the complete article.

Why H1z1 Doesn’t Support Cross-Platform?

According to the sources, developers of this game had tried so many times to make this game cross-play. But some technical faults have come, which affects the performance of this game. 

The problem is that H1Z1 on PS4 was designed specifically for consoles and plays differently than the PC version. 

Platforms that support H1Z1

Before moving to the concept of cross-play, we need to know that this game is available on which platforms. This game is currently supported only on three platforms-

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation4
  • Xbox One and series

Is H1Z1 Cross-Play PS4 and PC?

The answer is “No”. H1Z1 doesn’t provide support for Cross-Platform PS4 PCs. If you are playing this game on PS4 and you want to play this game with your friends, then your friend also needs to play it on PS4.

Is H1Z1 Cross-Platform Xbox and PS4?

“No”. Z1 Battle Ground doesn’t support Cross-Play for Xbox and PS4. As I already said, you and your friends need to play on the same platform. Xbox and PS4 both are different platforms.

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H1Z1 Cross-Platform Play

H1Z1 doesn’t support cross-platform at all. It doesn’t even support partial cross-platform or cross-generation. Playing H1Z1 on several platforms would be impossible. As a result, we can say that cross-play will never happen in this game.


Many players have asked for H1Z1 to be made cross-platform. However, when it comes to cross-platform, it is now up to the developers. As according to me, I do not believe that the H1Z1 cross-platform will be implemented in the future.

So, ending with a disappointing note, it is now clear to you all that “H1Z1” doesn’t support the cross-play feature now and not even in the future. Hey guys!! I hope you liked this article.

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