Esports Franchises: Upcoming Opportunities for Players and Spectators in North Carolina

Due to changing player habits, North Carolina is becoming a center for esports players. According to predictions, worldwide esports revenue is expected to reach about $1.6 billion by 2024. North Carolina has taken a proactive approach to leading this rapidly growing business. Recognizing the potential of esports, state legislators included $30 million in the budget to support the industry’s growth.

The state has made numerous efforts to promote this, including professional development, instructional programs, and the construction of cutting-edge facilities. This demonstrates the state’s focus on being a dominant force in esports. Universities such as North Carolina State University (NC State) and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) set an example by establishing the UNCG Scholastic Esports Alliance. They announced plans for a $16 million esports stadium, respectively.

In addition, the state is home to a wide range of esports arenas and gaming venues that are hubs for esports skill development. The state is building an entire esports ecosystem, from traditional sports facilities like Durham Bulls Athletic Park that are adapting to host esports events to specialized centers like Dash City Gaming in Winston-Salem.

Esports Growth in North Carolina

The state legislators set a new budget of $30 million last year to develop esports in Charlotte and North Carolina. Currently, the Raleigh Convention Center receives $1.3 million in direct tourist spending from around 2600 visitors. The Halo Championship Series is the most popular event in the state, and lawmakers hope to engage in more such events.

The authorities expect that if the plan is implemented successfully, it can draw an average of 8,000—15,000 visitors and generate $4-$5 million in economic spending, providing the state with much-needed fiscal space.

Esports Industry Grant Program

Esports Industry Grant Programme was started to further enhance the esports ecosystem which funds companies to organize large events. Under this program, firms are provided financial help of up to 25% on eligible expenditures for organizing large events in the state. To qualify for this program, a firm must spend a budget of a minimum of $150,000 directly in the state per event. In return, the state can reward up to $5 million each fiscal year.

Rep. Jason Saine, chair of the House Senior Appropriations Committee in the North Carolina House, introduced the bill and praised its approval this week.

“This is not just about the esports competition and the gameplay; it’s really about the opportunity to get all generations and groups involved in education and technology and really foster that as a way to build a world-class workforce for the future and higher-paying jobs for everybody,” Saine stated.

Opportunities for Players

With proper support and recognition from the government at state levels, players feel highly encouraged to be a part of the esports community and grow a flourished career out of it.

Professional Teams

With the growing interest and increasing earnings of professional esports players, establishing professional esports teams in North Carolina is a very good opportunity for players. It will give the players access to top-class coaches, state-of-the-art training facilities, and a competitive experience that can enhance their earnings.

Comprehensive Training Facilities and Coaching

The state has developed dedicated training centers designed to improve players’ skills in various popular games. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology to simulate real tournament conditions and will provide an ideal environment for practice and improvement. For all the esports teams who want the best benefits can enroll in this program.

Competitive Leagues and Tournaments

Leagues and tournaments can give a live experience to the players. North Carolina’s franchises organize state-wide competitions, offering players the platform to showcase their skills against the best talent in the region.

Players and teams can experience high-pressure situations, mirroring the intensity of international championships.

The Impact of Esports Betting

Legalizing North Carolina betting apps will expand the opportunities available for players. While the primary focus is on competition and performance, the introduction of betting will bring additional attention and investment into the esports industry.

The increased interest can lead to larger prize pools for tournaments, greater media coverage, increased sponsorship opportunities, benefiting the players directly.

These financial help can be beneficial for offering players the chance to secure great brand endorsements and partnerships.

Engaging Spectators with Innovative Experiences

People from North Carolina can enjoy full benefits of the growing esports scene. They can not just watch live matches, fans can engage more deeply through fan engagements, meet-and-greets, and interactive gaming zones. Esports events are renowned for their dynamic atmosphere, where the excitement of digital battles blends with the camaraderie among fans.

With legalized betting, spectators now have the added dimension of placing wagers on their favorite teams or outcomes, enhancing the viewing experience.

North Carolina’s Vision for the Future of Esports

The signing of the $5 million Esports Industry Grant Fund by the Governor of North Carolina marks a significant milestone in the state’s esports journey. The fund shows the government’s recognition of esports as a key driver of economic growth, tourism, and technological innovation.

By offering substantial financial incentives and logistical support, North Carolina is setting the stage for a flourishing esports ecosystem that will attract international attention and position the state as a leader in the global esports arena​​.


North Carolina’s policies and a special focus on esports are pointing towards a brighter future for esports in the state. These initiatives are also signaling to players and teams that they are welcome here, increasing the state’s appeal.

The initiatives are going to give fruitful results in the coming years, and the state will be the hub of gaming innovation.

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