Far Cry 6 Best Assault Rifle

In Far Cry 6, having a good Assault Rifle is a must in most instances or you will lose your advantage over the enemies. That’s why, today we have come up with Far Cry 6 Best Assault Rifle, to make you aware of it so you can use it at its best. 

Far Cry 6 is a great first-person shooter game entirely filled with action and adventure. As it is a shooter game, you need to have some of the best Far Cry 6 weapons to make it through. One of the Far Cry 6 Best Weapons categories include assault rifles. 

Which is the Far Cry 6 best Assault rifle? Answer: without a doubt, SSGP-58 Far Cry 6 is the best ever assault rifle that you can use in Yara. the accuracy of this assault rifle is near to perfect and its ratings are above average in all categories, thus, it is not just the best rifle, but also one of the best Far Cry 6 weapons. 

Want to know more about this Far Cry 6 best unique assault rifle? Well, that’s what we are here for, come on, let’s read. 

Far Cry 6 Best Assault Rifle

Far Cry 6 Best Assault Rifle - SSGP-58

With such an accurate shot, no other assault rifle can beat SSGP-58 (Libertad Custom) which is rated above average level in every category. This is an all-rounder rifle that can shoot from mid to long-range targets and has high recoil, so it is, and will always remain the best choice among all the weapons in Far Cry 6. 

To make it even better at precision, you can also modify this rifle by adding custom parts like Resolver Reflex Sight, Compensator, Laser Pointer, Trigger discipline, and Gut-Wrencher. 

Undoubtedly, the best mods that you can equip your SSGP-58 with are the compensator and the Gut-Wrencher. As you attach these, it will increase the body damage per shot, and will also improve the recoil of the rifle. 

As you use these mods and then aim for the body of the enemies using this assault rifle, the specific damage will increase as a result of which Dani Rojas will mow down FND soldiers. 

Now you must have gotten the idea of how powerful of an assault rifle is this SSGP-58 and thus, you will not find any other more strong and balanced weapon in the game Far Cry 6. So, make sure that you have this one as you advance through in the game. 

To have a Far Cry 6 SSGP-58 assault rifle, you will need to purchase it from the Arms dealers of Juan that will be marked with a shopping cart by a green icon. Or, you can also get it using the Yaran Pesos from Guerrilla Garrison which is a Camp Facility that has been built via the Construction Desk. 

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Other Best Far Cry 6 Assault Rifles

Here are some other great assault Rifles that you can use in Far Cry 6 and none of these will disappoint you throughout the combat. 

1. Urushi

This assault rifle also gives high damage to the target, however, it can shoot only mid-range shots. Also, you need to make sure that the timing, as well as the aim of the shoot, is precise. 

2. MS161

This one is quite a stable assault rifle in Far Cry 6 that can shoot from mid to long-range targets. It is good only when it comes to taking down the enemies that are at a distance. This rifle is also quite stable so you can try it out. 

3. 4570T

This Libertad Custom or 4570T is an all-rounder. Yes, it does look like a shotgun, but this is one of the best mid to long-range rifles that gives good damage to the target plus it also has high recoil. 

4. MS16L

Libertad Custom MS16L is also among the list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6 which has a really good damage level no matter what kind of combat situation it is. The rifle is quite stable for mid as well as long-ranged targets. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know everything you needed to know about the Far Cry 6 best assault rifle. Remember that some of the weapons also disappear as you reach a higher rank in the game, so make sure that you purchase them from the shops in the game on time, or later you will regret it.

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