Fidelity Customer Service: Here’s How to Contact?

Want to do good with your money? Fidelity Investments helps you meet your financial goals and stops you from wasting your money. 

With the right investment tips and guidance from the company, people have successfully observed a drastic growth in their money.

if you also need assistance with your investments, you can get connected with the Fidelity customer service team either by calling their phone number or Live Chat. 

What Is Fidelity Investments?

People are using the Fidelity cash plan services and making small investments. The tagline of this company is “Invest.Save.Plan”. 

It means that this company manages your finances and convinces you to make small investments to grow your money. They provide Retirement, Investing, and Brokerage plans. 

If you are interested, then you can open your Fidelity Cash Management Account by going to the Fidelity Investment Website

How To Contact Fidelity Customer Service Over The Phone?

If you are someone, who likes to have an open and direct conversation with someone, then calling their team over the phone is best for you. 

To get connected with the Fidelity team, call the Fidelity customer service phone number 800-343-3548 and ask any questions from them. 

Other Fidelity Phone Numbers

  • General and Account specific questions: 800-972-2155
  • Employer Stock Plan Services (SPS): Call 800-544-9354
  • College Planning: 800-544-1914
  • Employer-sponsored benefit plan: 800-835-5097

What Is Fidelity Customer Service Number 401K?

If you have any questions related to your 401K Fidelity or other Workplace Accounts benefits, then you need to call this phone number 800-835-5095 from Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 8.30 pm. 

Fidelity Customer Service Chat

A customer service chat feature is also provided by Fidelity. You will get connected with the Fidelity representative on a Live Chat. To enable the Chat process, go to the Fidelity Contact Page and Click the “Start Chat” button from the “Chat live with our team”.  

You will be directed to the Chat with Us page, from where you can Live chat with the team member. Type your Question and your Chat will be continued.  

Ask Questions To The Fidelity Virtual Assistant

Fidelity also provides a Virtual Assistant to ask questions about Fidelity. The Virtual assistant is designed in a way, that you don’t have to wait much for the replies. You will quickly get answers to your questions. 

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Go to the Fidelity Website and scroll down to the page. Click on the “Use our Virtual Assistant” option and you will be connected with the fastest chatbot. 

You can also click on the “Horizontal three dots chat icon” from the bottom right side of the screen to get Virtual Assistant help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fidelity Customer Service 24/7?

Yes, the Fidelity customer service team is available 24/7 on a call as well as on chat. 

What Is The Phone Number For Fidelity Customer Service Credit Card?

For Fidelity Credit or Debit Card-related queries, contact their team at 888-551-5144. 


These are the ways from which you can easily contact the Fidelity Investments customer service team. If you are an introvert, then you can go with the Live Chat or Virtual Assistance method, otherwise calling is always the best one. 

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