Funniest NFL Prop Bets In Super Bowl 2022

Sports betting isn’t always about making strategies, complex calculations, analyses, and betting predictions. Sometimes it is all about having fun, and there isn’t a better way of spicing up your betting routine than including some ridiculous Super Bowl prop bets. 

With Super Bowl being one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, bookmakers like to make an exception and include some funny prop bets where people can bet on strange game outcomes. Every year we can see that the prop bets are getting weirder and weirder and the last Super Bowl has proven has brought a lot of fun.

In today’s article, we will break down some of the funnies random and wacky bets, that are often called “novelty bets” or “specials” by most betting sites. These bets include some of the most ridiculous things such as betting on the opening coin toss, commercials, and much more.

Let’s bring some fun to the betting and find out which prop bets NFL were the funniest in the Super Bowl 2022.

Funniest NFL Prop Bets In Super Bowl 2022

Super Bowl coin toss prop bet

People got the chance to bet on which side will the coin land at the beginning of the match with -105 for both betting options.

Even though this bet might sound ridiculous, people actually put in the work and started analyzing previous Super Bowl matches. In the three out of the four coin tosses in previous Super Bowl matches, the coin landed on “heads”, but this came after four straight “tails”.

Despite analyzing previous coin tosses, the chance of both outcomes is actually 50-50%. Some betting websites also had an option to bet on a literal coin flip, but betting on such a thing is absurd.

Will the Team that Wins the Coin Toss win the Game?

A follow-up on the coin toss bet would be to bet on the team that won the coin toss to win the game or not. If we look at previous Super Bowls, we can see that the teams that won the coin toss went on to win the game in 24 out of 31 Super Bowls.

This makes this bet a higher probability for the team that won the coin toss to win the game if we make our decision based on data. However, both betting options usually come with identical odds.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Prop Bet

The now standard celebration of the winning team pouring liquid on the coach has made it to the betting markets and you can bet on the color of the liquid.

This tradition was born back in 2001, and since then the liquid has been orange 5 times, none 5 times, clear 4 times, yellow 3 times, blue 3 times, and purple 1 time. The odds on this bet are based on recent trends and it seems like one of the top four choices will pay off.

The odds for the bets on the Gatorade shower were:

  • Orange +250
  • None +350
  • Blue +400
  • Clear + 450
  • Yellow +450
  • Pink +600
  • Purple +1000

Post-Game MVP Speech Prop Bets

Traditionally, the MVP of the biggest match in the NFL is making a speech after the game, and you can bet on what he is going to say. The player can mention teammates, fans, god, family, coaches, or team owners, and you can bet on all of these outcomes. 

This year’s Super Bowl odds for the MVP speech were:

  • Mentioning teammates -120
  • Mentioning fans +325
  • Mentioning god/religion +370
  • Mentioning family +690
  • Mentioning coaches +1200
  • Mentioning team owner +2500

Will a Player Propose After the Game?

Even though we are talking about the toughest sport on the planet, we shouldn’t forget about romance. This is one of the most ridiculous bets you can make on the Super Bowl, just because it hasn’t been a practice in most matches.

However, if you are feeling lucky enough and think that some player is going to walk in with a ring, you can make a bet. 

The odds for a player proposing after the game are:

  • Yes +400
  • No -650

Commercial Prop Bets

Since the Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States, companies are taking their commercial game very seriously. Each second in a Super Bowl commercial costs millions of dollars and you can bet, which media company commercial will air first.

You’ll not only get a chance to bet on which commercial will come first, but also choose the specific category. For example, you can bet on which Anheuser-Buch brand commercial will air first, which crypto company commercial will air first, or which media company will air its commercial first.

Until now, we all hated commercials just because they were taking the action away from us, but once you make such bet, you’ll wait in front of the TV waiting for the first commercial to show up.

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