Games Like Animal Crossing For iPhone

Social simulation games are always fun and entertaining and the Animal Crossing series is a great example of it. Exploring and interacting with different life forms is a key interest of the game.

The player can modify their character’s living spaces and networks by exchanging favors and materials for enhancing items, playing various events, and collecting decorations. The player character can become friends with the animal characters who can visit their campsite and so do other human players.

This is a relaxing game based on relationships among villagers and also allows the players to explore various locations and even sell or buy in marketplaces. The player can customize their character with specificities such as gender and facial characteristics.

Following are some games like Animal Crossing you can play on your iPhone

  1. Stardew Valley
  2. Castaway Paradise
  3. Cozy Grove
  4. Happy Street
  5. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked
  6. Seabeard
  7. My Time at Portia

These socializing games provide you with something new and different to enjoy and if these names captivate you, read in detail about them and have fun exploring and interacting.

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7 Best Games like Animal Crossing for iPhone 

  1. Stardew Valley
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The game has a soft simple story where the player assumes the role of a character who has to control his deceased grandfather’s tumbled-down farm in Stardew Valley. The player must take up the duties of a farmer well and their interaction with other townspeople can even lead to their marriage and kids. Completing the tasks will provide rewards.

The game is like a completely virtual life and the player can get exhausted with physical work. Food can replenish energy to take on and finish more tasks. The game is entertaining and a great way to relax. 

  1. Castaway Paradise
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The player assists the local wildlife in improving the condition of the island by rebuilding its structures and bridges and removing weeds and rocks. In the game, the player can perform additional chores including capturing bugs, fish, and more. Additionally, players can harvest their own crops, design their homes and islands, and choose a dress for their characters. On particular days, there are unique events and things for sale.

There are a variety of animals on the players’ island and to grow a friendship with them, the players must do favors. It is an exciting game like animal crossing for you to enjoy. 

  1. Cozy Grove
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The player takes on the role of a Spirit Scout as they explore Cozy Grove’s woodlands. The objective is to assist the forest’s spirits with their needs and jobs. The player must cook, make friends, take care of the animals and decorate the island as per their tastes. There are many hidden secrets to find as you wander around the island. Manage the island well and keep the spirits happy.

Cozy Grove is an adorable life-simulating game with a unique storyline. The landscapes are beautifully drawn and the characters are wholesome. The player must unravel the unique stories of each spirit. 

  1. Happy Street
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Similar to Animal Crossing, Happy Street is all about building a community full of charming and quirky animal companions. Players take on the role of Billy, a small fox that travels to this place on a hot air balloon in search of a new home and friends in the community. Animals will move into the players’ town once they have built their homes, and the player can then extend their structures to provide the things their animals need.

The game is addictive and attractive with cute creatures. There are more elements of survival in the game than in Animal Crossing but is fun, adventurous, and provides leisure. 

  1. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked
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The player character Wilson finds himself trapped on a tropical island in Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked. He must re-learn how to exist in this unfamiliar setting that is home to new biomes, seasons, and animals. The player might be lured to the tropical breeze, but should be aware of creatures of the place who can kill. 

So craft a boat and get ready to sail for a thrilling and exciting adventure but also keep your survival instincts intact. Things might not be as clear as they seem.

  1. Seabeard
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The player is the sole descendent and grandchild of the legendary explorer Seabeard. By building the enormous city of Accordia, Seabeard brought all the warring tribes together. Then an ancient monster Colosso emerged from the ocean’s depths and demolished all Seabeard had created. Accordia was left in ruins. Now, the player must bring Accordia back to its former splendor and bring the people of this vast land together.

Explore the great ocean and choose your own path. Play this exceptional adventure with adorable graphics to have a fun time.

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  1. My Time at Portia
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Much after civilization has been destroyed, mankind has emerged from underground and is starting to rebuild society. The player takes on the role of a renowned builder’s child who, after their father leaves to travel, inherits their father’s workshop in the autonomous city, state of Portia. To grow Portia and establish yourself as the best builder is the game’s objective.

The player must collect resources and create items. Completing the tasks will provide the player with gifts like money and town favors.

Wrap Up 

The social simulation games are enjoyable, and you may play them on your mobile device whenever you want, wherever you are. The games listed above are perfect for you if you’re looking for something new and pleasant to play.

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