Games Like IMVU In 2022 – Top 6 Games For You

As time passes, the trend of everything fades, the same goes with the virtual gaming world IMVU now. Released in 2004, IMVU was very popular at that time as it provides 3D avatar customization, a 3D gaming experience, and helps you to connect with new people.

But in 2022, if you want to get a similar experience to IMVU but from any other social site, then we must tell you that you are in the right place. You may receive a superb social experience on a number of other fantastic gaming websites that are comparable to IMVU.

Here from the numerous websites, we came up with our top picks for games that will definitely give you similar or more enjoyment than IMVU.

Following is the list of games like IMVU:

  • OurWorld
  • Lady Popular
  • Touch
  • Woozworld
  • Avakin Life
  • Onverse

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Games Like IMVU

You need to check out these games if you are a fan of IMVU at that time.


Games Like IMVU- OurWorld

You can chat with other players and participate in online mini-games in the well-known virtual world OurWorld. This game has all the features and enjoyment that are specifically geared toward teenagers. 

The game makes use of money called Flow, which can be acquired by engaging in various activities like playing games, carrying out different chores, and even dancing. Additionally, the cash can be exchanged for coins or EXP.

Pros Of OurWorld

  • You can purchase items in the game using in-game currency
  • There are several choices for customization
  • It has distinctive characteristics like marriage and adoption

Lady Popular

Games Like IMVU- Lady Popular

Lady Popular is the ideal game to play if you want to play something made specifically for women. In this virtual game world, both the participants and all of the avatars are female. Due to the options offered, it resembles a dress-up and makeup game and is highly intriguing.

Each user has access to a customizable “woman” avatar that can be changed in terms of clothing, makeup, and haircut. Even better, you can design and construct your outfits based on your preferences. Spending more money on your avatar will improve its appearance.

Pros Of Lady Popular

  • There are numerous customization options available that let you select everything from the surroundings to the terrain
  • Apartments can be rented and furnished
  • It is a game for women only that allows for dressing up and makeup


Games Like IMVU- Touch

Another intriguing virtual game that is highly well-liked by teens is Touch. It’s a dance game that incorporates K-Pop moves. You will like playing it with players from across the world if you enjoy dancing and this type of game. It contains personalization possibilities and was created especially for Korean pop enthusiasts worldwide.

Pros Of Touch

  • Unique-dance oriented game
  • Various customization options are available
  • Contains K-Pop
  • Stunning visuals


Games Like IMVU- Woozworld

Woozworld is an interesting game that is made specifically for teenagers to enjoy and make new friends. In a sense, it’s a virtual environment where you can customize your avatar’s appearance by changing it weekly. You can dress and accessories for your avatar in an infinite number of ways to enhance its beauty.

The game offers a variety of activities like founding a business, throwing parties, selling clothes, and engaging with other players to trade stuff. IMVU and this game are pretty similar, but the feature that lets you create a home and explore the virtual environment sets it apart.

Pros Of Woozworld

  • You can open a business and exchange the goods in your stock
  • Numerous clothing items and accessories are available
  • Both international travel and social interaction are possible

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Avakin Life

Games Like IMVU- Avaken Life

On both iOS and Android devices, the fantastic mobile app Avakin Life enables you to take advantage of virtual’s life benefits. This is another amazing IMVU substitute that lets you personalize your avatar, home, or apartment, and meets lots of people in various settings.

Over a thousand distinct options exist for customizing the appearance of your own avatar, which you can create. Additionally, you can choose the decor of the in-game apartment.

Pros Of Avakin Life

  • Best Socializing options
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices


Games Like IMVU- Onverse

In the 3D world game, Converse you may effortlessly explore the environment while taking advantage of the optimization and customization features. This game is too good, that you will spend hours playing it. 

Another plus point of this game is that you can play it on Windows as well as MAC. You can travel the globe, communicate through others with chat, and make avatars, and friends. The tasks of this game include the decoration of homes, customization of avatars, and more exciting things.

Pros Of Onverse

  • Free-to-play game
  • Numerous customization options
  • Simple to play


If you are in the search of the best substitute for IMVU, then you should definitely consider these games as your preference. All of these games have more and more good features than IMVU, which you will definitely love to play. So, it is necessary to give these at least one try. Be ready to enjoy the 3D Avatars online games again in 2022.

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