Games like Papers, Please You Must Try in 2023

Papers, Please is an amazing puzzle game in which the player takes up a serious role of an immigration officer of a fictional land. The player enjoys superiority at the checkpoint where your duty is to carefully review the immigrants and allow those with the proper paperwork to enter while rejecting those without authentic documents or falsified information. 

The player can use special tools for the review work and the money is earned at the end of the day based on your performance. You must have great puzzle-solving skills to enjoy this game 

Following are some games like Papers, Please

  1. Do Not Feed The Monkeys
  2. Not Tonight 
  3. Not For Broadcast 
  4. No Umbrellas Allowed
  5. Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived
  6. We. The Revolution 
  7. Beholder 2
  8. Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor’s Story

Now go through the details of these games if Papers, Please caught your attention as you will surely enjoy these. 

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8 best games like Papers, Please 

  1. Do Not Feed The Monkeys

No, you are definitely not a Zoo keeper in this game. Unique gameplay and storyline for you, Do not feed the monkeys is nothing that it sounds like. In this digital voyeur simulator, the player spies on the strangers’ privacy through security cameras and learn their secrets. 

The only important rule to follow is that you must not interact with any of these strangers. These people should never be aware of someone watching them.  There are a lot of stories and choices matter to determine the end. 

  1. Not Tonight

Another uncommon storyline, Not Tonight is a role-playing adventure game in which the player is a newly appointed bouncer in England. As a Bouncer, the player must do the job well to survive so that the government lets you live in here. Similar to games like Papers, Please the player must review the guest’s identity cards, check the age limit and confirm the authentic documents.

If the player fails to win the mission, he will be deported back, ending the game. The decisions made by the player throughout the game while interacting with other characters will affect the story.

  1. Not For Broadcast

The setting of the game is in an unnamed European Country where the player, in the role of Alex Winston, is a studio director in charge of managing a live broadcast. The storyline has a more political scenario. 

It is interesting to learn about the characters’ stories through the live broadcast. 

  1. No Umbrellas Allowed 

Now this game is more business minded. Here, the player manages a second-hand shop Darcy’s in the city. However, the city is a bit odd and so are the people as they are unable to share their true feelings or probably hiding them. 

In a game like Papers, Please in many ways, No Umbrellas Allowed needs you to analyze and review the products the people bring to you and analyze their true value like a detective’s work.

  1. Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived 

Another of exciting detective game on the list, the player can satisfy their urge to play a bad cop if they want to. In this game, the player is a detective in a police department, and his role is to interrogate the arrested people to confirm their crimes. 

If you play the bad cop, you can use the torture mechanism or some harsh questions in interrogation.

Being a good cop, you can interrogate people in a calm way when the suspect will feel that they can say the truth before you. It’s like a real-life detective show where your performance and how you interact or interrogate the suspects are important. Work hard on these cases and improve your detective skills.

  1. We. The Revolution 

It is a unique game with a storyline different from the rest. The setting is in the midst of the French Revolution and the player is a Judge of the Revolutionary Trouble. Being a judge in this difficult situation is hard and the decisions the judge has to take are harder. 

In the end, it’s the decision of the judge which is final. There might be many disagreements with the decisions and final ruling of the judge but the player needs to stand on his ground even in these stressful situations. 

  1. Beholder 2 

A very interesting game on the list, you might need to play dirty to climb up those ladders of success. In the game, the player is an intern in a corporate company with a promising future but the way isn’t that easy. The game shows some similarities to Papers, Please when the player needs to manage citizens in a booth.

The game has an impressive plot and amazing graphics. The game needs to be played in a good, strategic way. It’s your choice if you want to quietly work under your bosses or expose the corruption. In the end, the choice matters. 

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  1. Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor’s Story 

In a management game like Papers, Please, The player in-game is a well-established doctor who needs to decide the fate of the patients. It is up to you to accept or reject the patients. 

The player needs to study the case files of the patients to decide how worse their situation is and accordingly choose the treatment. The lives and deaths of the people depend on your decisions. Like a detective game, the player must review the situation of the patients well with their deductions and then take the final decision. 

Wrap Up

The games on the list test the management, reviewing, and decision-making skills of the players and if you are a master of these amazing skills, you will definitely nail these games. Different from many survival or shooter games, you need to use both your brain power and decision-making skills to win. 

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