Games like Resident Evil – Must Try

A Japanese horror game series, Resident Evil has no genre left untouched. The series has survival, horror, first and third-person shooters and on top of that, the player needs to survive in an environment consisting of zombies and other deadly creatures.

The growing popularity of the games made the creators step into creating live-action and animated film series. Resident Evil cleverly blended action, exploration, and various gothic elements to pave the way for other survival horror games.

Following are some games like Resident Evil for you to explore

  1. Prey
  2. Alien: Isolation
  3. Shadows of the Damned
  4. Parasite Eve Series
  5. Silent Hill
  6. Tormented Souls
  7. The Evil Within
  8. The Last Of Us

Keep reading if you want to learn more about these games. 

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8 best games like Resident Evil to check out if you love being terrified

If Resident Evil was able to satisfy your cravings for thrill and adventure, then trust us and read the further detailed version of the games like Resident Evil to get some more.

  1. Prey

A brilliant first-person shooter game with a science fiction storyline, Prey is set up in an open-world environment. The player has control over Morgan Yu, a human aboard a space station. The game is set in an alternate reality on space station Talos I which has been invaded by the Typhon.

The player must cleverly control Morgan to collect weapons and resources and defeat the Typhon as the choices made will affect the gameplay and storyline. 

Above all that, the end will shock you to the core. The sci-fi genre of the game makes it interesting and appealing and is perfect for those who enjoy such a storyline.

  1. Alien: Isolation

One of the most important alien games ever created, Alien: Isolation is a horror survival game based on the film series by the same name. The player has control over Amanda Ripley who must explore the space station and defend against the enemies at the same time with both skills and intellect.

A survival masterpiece with stunning visuals, storyline, and terrifying atmosphere, the quest for survival in Alien: Isolation sends chills down the spine. The player can fight or avoid enemies in the shape of hostile human survivors and androids by using stealth mode. The player can also craft desired items by collecting materials similar to that in Resident Evil.

  1. Shadows of the Damned

Now here is something for lovers who can go to any extent to save their loved ones. 

This action videogame follows a demon hunter, Garcia Hotspur in the City of the Damned where the protagonist must be ready to defend against the evil forces to save his one true love. 

Garcia is also accompanied by Johnson, his demon sidekick with various roles to perform. The game is fun and entertaining with an interesting storyline.

  1. Parasite Eve Series

A sequel to the popular novel by the same name, Parasite Eve is a role-playing, action survival game set in the areas of New York. The player acts as an NYPD Rookie Aya Brea who after surviving combustion looks for the truth behind this incident.

The nemesis, Eve is on the verge to destroy the human race and is almost successful through her intellect. The narration in itself keeps you engrossed in the storyline and the game is a perfect blend of survival, role-playing, and action, a shooter game like Resident Evil.

  1. Silent Hill

Another of the survival horror game genre, Silent Hill can be considered the best alternative to Resident Evil as the game does remind you of the latter. The player character is Harry Mason wandering around, searching for his lost daughter, Cheryl. He needs to survive through monsters and dangerous creatures in the town.

The interesting feature of the game is that Harry is an ordinary man and fights like one, making it difficult for him to survive in a land filled with monsters. The gameplay includes exploring the town, puzzle solving, and using amazing combat skills. 

The ending of the game depends on the action of the players. The Silent Hill series is considered to be the best in this genre. 

  1. Tormented Souls

Completely inspired by classic survival horror like Resident Evil, Tormented Souls gives you the nostalgia of the early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games but in a modernized way. 

You play the game as Caroline Walker who is investigating the disappearance of two young girls at a mansion called Winterlake. But this decision to investigate makes her survival difficult as she is constantly attacked by dangers. 

The game might not be at the top probably because of its outdated mechanics but those who have always been a fan of such nostalgic survival horror games will be in for a treat.

  1. The Evil Within 

The creator of the Resident Evil series also presented another appealing survival horror video game, The Evil Within. Detective Sergeant Sebastian Castellanos is investigating a mass murder at a mental hospital with his other work partners but is later separated from them when he’s thrown into an unreal world after hearing a high-pitched noise. 

The storyline keeps you hooked on the game and the need for survival from the monstrous creatures keeps you on your toes throughout. The player must be very careful of the choices he makes as it can create new paths or alter endings. The horror elements are amazing and the gameplay is worth giving a shot. 

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  1. The Last Of Us

The emotional storyline of this action-adventure game brings it closer to our hearts. The player controls Joel whose job is to smuggle a teenage girl Ellie across a post-apocalyptic zone in the United States. This tragic story has brutal fights and gruesome deaths.

The weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills are improvised making it even better in every sense. Ellie is a great supporting protagonist and the sci-fi genre of the story is fascinating. Overall, The Last Of Us is a great addition to the genre of games like Resident Evil. 

Wrap Up 

The survival horror games have great action, adventure, and amazing storylines. If you are a fan of such adventure, then these games like Resident Evil should definitely be on your checkout list. 

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