Games Like Scorn – To Provide You The Thrill

Scorn is a horror adventure game that takes place in a terrifying universe. This terrifying world has distinct interconnected regions and the player must explore and discover those paths. The player controls a peculiar Humanoid in a creepy world filled with bizarre creatures and must try to understand and expose the hidden secrets of this weird world.

For the player’s survival purposes, the main weaponry includes a handgun and a shotgun that shoots organic spikes. If you fell in love with this Gothic genre and are looking for a more gripping storyline with loads of action and adventure, then we have listed some great games like Scorn you will definitely enjoy. 

Following are some thrilling games like Scorn you must try

  1. The Outlast Trials
  2. Darkwood
  3. Don’t Starve
  4. Rust
  5. Age of Survival
  6. Resident Evil: Village
  7. Metro 2033 Redux

Have a look at these adventurous games and enhance your excitement level while reading more details about them. 

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7 best games like Scorn

  1. The Outlast Trials
Games Like Scorn- The Outlast Trials

A psychological horror that will send chills down your spine from its beginning, The Outlast Trials is a Cold War-era thriller. Unwitting volunteers are used by the Murkoff Corporation to experiment with cutting-edge brainwashing and mind-control techniques. 

Your ethics will be put to the test, your tolerance will be put to the test, and you will face mistrust, terror, and brutality. All done for the development of science, and financial gain. It’s your choice to endure these experiments alone or with your companions and try your best to survive. 

  1. Darkwood
Games Like Scorn- Darkwood

A vast area of land has been overtaken by a weird forest that is still growing. A mysterious illness is destroying the survivors, murdering and turning victims into monsters and many individuals have already been trapped by the forest. The majority of the government employees and troops, “The Outsiders”,  were ordered to inspect the woods. Majority of who have either been killed or removed from the area.

The player controls “The Stranger,” a man who is looking for a key that was taken away from him and would help him escape the woods through an underground tunnel. The sole aim is to survive and find the key to get out of this horrible situation and if you think you can take up this challenge, then keep your lamp ready as you are gonna enter the Darkwood.

  1. Don’t Starve
Games Like Scorn- Don't Starve

In the game, Wilson, a scientist, is trapped in a gloomy parallel universe where he must endure as long as he can. As Wilson escapes a range of bizarre and mystical enemies that will want to kill and consume him, the player needs to keep him alive, fed, and psychologically sane in order to accomplish this. 

For their survival, the player must collect resources and craft required items, and try to explore the mysteries of this peculiar world. And remember, you have no help, so start from scratch, build up stuff and ensure your own survival. 

  1. Rust
Games Like Scorn- Rust

Another survival thriller to keep you on edge similar to games like Scorn, Rust takes you on an intense struggle to stay alive. The player needs to gather resources, stolen or just obtained, to survive in that environment but beware of the other players in the game as not everyone is a friend. Apart from the dangerous wild animals, other players are a great threat too. 

The player must create safe bases for them and ally with tribes. Joining a team and staying away from trouble might increase their survival chance. Rust is an attractive game for those who enjoy this thrill and take up challenges.

  1. Age of Survival
Games Like Scorn- Age Of Survival

Keep the Bear Grylls inside you alive because the Age of Survival is not for everyone. The player is stuck on an island and will come across a range of wild animals including giant hippos, lions elephants, and many more with creatures from the sea.

Explore the great environment, landscape, and the wildlife. Create structures and collect resources needed for your survival. You can also craft tools and weapons to defend yourself from the wild and enjoy the adventure. 

  1. Resident Evil: Village
Games Like Rust- Resident Evil Village

Another survival horror on the list, Resident Evil: Village gives you the same vibes as games like Scorn. Players take control of Ethan Winters, who travels to a village full of mutant creatures in quest of his kidnapped daughter. Players explore the environment for materials and manage resources. 

The game, as compared to its predecessors, has more action and fights with a lot more enemies. There is violence, there is brutality, there is horror and there is the ultimate struggle for existence. Buckle up and enter this terrifying village, but, at your own risk. 

  1. Metro 2033 Redux
Games Like Scorn- Metro 2033 Redux

A catastrophic event that nearly wiped out all of humanity in 2013 changed the surface of the Earth into a toxic wasteland.  A small number of survivors sought safety in the Moscow subway system, and mankind entered a new Dark Age. It is now 2033. A generation has grown up underneath and is now fighting for existence in constrained Metro Station-Cities with other people and the mutant beasts that lurk outside.

The player controls Artyom who must warn the last of humanity of a horrible approaching menace. On your trip to the barren wasteland above, it’s your choices that are important enough to impact humanity and its fate. 

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Wrap Up

The games mentioned above are some of the best survival adventures and the addition of gothic elements in most of them enhances the spirit and interest of the players in these games. Check out these amazing masterpieces but also remember, that survival is only meant for the fittest. 

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